Is Laser Hair Removal Worth The Money?

In my opinion; yes. But it did take me a lot longer than it should’ve done. This was mainly because of the costs. In-clinic laser treatments can be very pricey. I did move to another country in the middle of my treatment so that didn’t help haha. But overall it was always a matter of … Read more

What Is Salicylic Acid

Getting to know more about your skin care and what’s in it, is a really smart thing to do. It also really helped me find more affordable skin care products because I now know what to look for in skin care products. A lot of more expensive brands don’t actually have better ingredient lists. More … Read more

Living With Chronic Pain & Trying To Earn My Own Money

Hi, It’s me; Iris G. Owner and Creator of & this website:). I started these online businesses because I have a chronic illness and can’t work in the “normal” way. I am in constant pain and have to take more pills than I can count, every day. I’ve had my better moments, and in … Read more

Best Skin Care Products For Men

I talk a lot about skin care but never really specifically skin care for men. Men’s skin can be really different from women’s skin so I thought I would dedicate today’s Article to Skin Care For Men!:) When you see a product you like, just click on the image and it will take you to … Read more

What Is Glycolic Acid For?

Glycolic Acid is a Alpha Hydroxy Acid that chemically exfoliates the skin. Hydroxy what-a-mejig…? I know, let’s not get too technical because no one will know what we’re talking about… including myself. Just like products containing those BHA or AHA Exfoliators, Glycolic Acid is a milder exfoliant. In a high percentage it can become a … Read more