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Welcome to my website, I am so excited you’re here! Here you’ll find everything related to Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care. I always hate to have to read through someone’s whole life story before I come across the information I need. So if you’re like me, and have NO patience, here is a list of highlights to some information about Laser Hair Removal. The rest of the information you can find in the menu above.

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If you ARE interested in a little more about me & some information about Laser Hair Removal, then stick around!


Hi, I’m Iris and I’ve been a model for half my life (and yes that is me in almost every picture haha…what? it’s free content! What’d you want me to do? Use other peoples’ legs and pay for them.. hell nha!). I recently moved to the USA but I lived most my life in the Netherlands. I’ve modelled all over the world and now I’m 28 years OLD and in the ‘model world’ that means ancient history. Anyway one of the most annoying things in modelling is having to shave my entire body for every shoot and every fashion show. Then I found Laser Hair Removal and it changed my life! That sounds very dramatic, I know, but I still can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner!


I used to get really bad razor burns and my skin would be so painful and irritated. It would make me feel really self-conscious about my body and I’d try to hide it with a towel on the beach or get super stressed about bikini shoots. But the every day struggle was the worst of all. Just always having irritated skin from shaving to the point it would actually hurt to wear tight-fitted clothes or jeans. Not having to shave again, and have that painful stubble or ingrown hairs, has just been one of the best things I’ve ever spend my money on. The results have been even better than I’d ever imagined. I know that sounds like a sales pitch but I’m not sponsored by any brand or clinic. This is purely my own opinion and experience. I’ve just loved the results, ever since my first ever laser hair removal treatment.


“Not ever having to shave again, and have that painful stubble & ingrown hairs, has just been one of the best things I’ve ever spend my money on.”


It took me a while till I found some unbiased content to really inform me about the best clinics and at-home LHR tools that were worth my money. I’d see a lot of adds for the service and product I was looking for and even Social Media influencers promoting that same product. But knowing they get sponsored to say those things made me not fully trust their judgement. I just wanted some facts, someone’s honest opinion and no BS information about Laser Hair Removal. I want to be that unbiased resource of information and personal opinion you can trust. Ultimately you’ll make your own choice about which product suits you the best.

My skin now is smooth and healthy and especially in the summer it’s a huge life-saver. Finally I don’t have to worry about my bikini line being red and irritated anymore. I can confidently trot around in my buns-out Shein bikini, even on short notice!

Sharing Is Caring

I share my experience with laser hair removal with friends and urge them to try it out because I can’t imagine ever having to shave again. Every woman should have that same convenience and confidence that I experience. There must be more women out there who have never tried anything else than shaving or think that it is too painful or expensive for them to try laser hair removal. I want to share my experience with laser hair removal tools to use at home but also my experience with treatments in clinics and their results and prices. If you want to read all about my personal experience with these at home laser hair removal tools Click Here.


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Thanks Again for taking the time to get to know me a little and I hope my website can help you make up your mind about laser hair removal.


Love – Iris G.