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I’m Iris, I’m from the Netherlands and recently moved to the US with my husband and my best friend: my dog-baby!

My, then, boyfriend and I had just been dating for little over a year when he got a job offer in America and we decided to take a leap of faith and said yes to this adventure. But we are both from the Netherlands so in order to legally move to America we had to get married.

We barely knew each other and the topic of marriage hadn’t even come up yet. And there we were, having to choose between his dream job and spending a life time with each other, or the ulterior, which to this day we both don’t know what that would’ve been. We jumped into the unknown together and haven’t looked back or regretted anything.


You can’t see it from the outside but I’m really sick and in pain 24/7. And not being able to leave my house (or rather bed) has pushed me to find other ways to generate an income for myself. So, desperate to find a way to have a fulfilling life, I started this website & This One Here. I want to help people and hopefully I can make a hand full of websites on topics that I personally love and enjoy. If I can do it, then you can too haha. So if you’d like to know more about how to start a website from the comfort of your own home Click Here. I also have another website completely dedicated to starting your own online business, so if you’re interested in that just Click Here🙂



Sadly I am now in the middle of a divorce and will be moving back home to the Netherlands. I will have to build my life back up again from scratch. My doggo and I will be fine and I’m  putting all my faith into my two websites (this one and my other one www.4eversilky.com). I hope to eventually make enough money to become financially independent. I hate to depend on others for my basic needs like a place to live and money for food etc. I work my ass off every day, and I KNOW my hard work will pay off eventually, I have complete faith in my ability to succeed at this:)


“I just wanted the facts, someone’s honest opinion & no BS information about LHR products & Skin Care”


The Best Thing Ever!

Not having to shave again and have painful stubble or ingrown hairs has just been one of the best things I’ve ever spend my money on. So with that in mind, I remember I did some research and browsing the internet for information about laser hair removal clinics and at-home laser tools before I bought anything. It took me a while till I found some unbiased content to really inform me about the LHR tools that were worth my money. I’d see a lot of adds for the product I was looking for and even Social Media influencers promoting that same product. But knowing they get sponsored to say those things made me not fully trust their judgement. I just wanted some facts, someone’s honest opinion and no BS information about LHR products. I want to be that unbiased resource of information and personal opinion you can trust. Ultimately you’ll make your own choice about which product suits you the best.

My Unbiased Opinion

I wanted to create a space where I could share my experience and inform people of what is out there. I don’t sell these products nor am I sponsored by any brand, meaning I make almost no money making any recommendations resulting in my audience, YOU:),  being able to fully trust my opinion. I do make a very small commission from Amazon when anyone clicks a link and ends up buying anything. This doesn’t change anything about the price you pay, better yet, I will always provide promo codes and coupons so you’ll end up spending less when you buy anything on Amazon via my website. Want to see a few products reviews  Click Here

I love interacting with people and with not leaving the house and all I barely get to do that anymore so when you comment on my website with questions I love helping you with everything and anything.


A lot of the pictures you’ll see on this website are me haha. I thought why not? It saves me a lot of money not having to buy stock pictures:) I’ve been a model for half my life and one of the most annoying things was having to shave my entire body for every shoot and every fashion show. But then I found laser hair removal and it changed my life! I know that sounds very dramatic but I still can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner. The results are amazing and now I never have to worry about my skin being hairy ever again PLUS no razor rash or painful stubble! I used to get really bad razor burns and my skin would be so painful and irritated for daaayyys. Now my skin is smooth and healthy and especially in the summer I don’t have to worry about my bikini line being red and irritated anymore.

Let’s Get Hairless Together;)

I’ve been sharing my experience with laser hair removal with friends and always urge them to try it out because I just love the results so much. I Also want every woman to have that same convenience and confidence that I feel.

Thank You!

I am so excited you’ve found my page and feel free to comment or shoot me a message down below if you have any questions or just want to say ‘hi’:) If you like my website and are interested in maybe creating your own for free Click Here. If you want to know more about my experience with building this website through following a free training platform Click Here.

Again, I am so thrilled you’ve found my page and I hope to see you back soon! <3

Love – Iris G.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Iris,

    You have done a great job with your website. I loved reading your story and how you came to America. That is so sweet. You are a beautiful model.

    I’m sorry you got sick. I have fibromyalgia, it sucks.

    I pray you feel better and have lots of success.

    • Hi Connie
      Thank you so much for your wonderful message!
      I am so happy you found my website and like my posts:)
      Hope to see you back soon and let me know if you have any questions!:)

      Ps. Fibromyalgia is terrible. I take Duloxetine for my pain and it helps a lot
      with handeling it mentally so maybe you could ask your doctor About that too:)
      I’ll pray for you too and hopefully we’ll both feel better some time:)
      XX Iris G.

  2. Hi there Iris, nice to meet you. Wow! I must say going through and through your website you have done great, your pictures/images are fantastic, and overall website is on point.

    I am not a hairy person so laser would not be for me except my mustache that get heavy at times, so maybe who knows, I may want to think about in the future.

    As far as my website goes, it needs lots of work, which I am still working on it, but I will put it there to get feedback on it too.

    I see your laser niche is your passions, so you will be very successful. Congrats.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      What a wonderful, kind comment. This really made my day! I am so happy you like my website and yes lots of information so if you’re ever thinking about any kind of laser hair removal I’d love to help you out! You can always ask me anything!
      Thank you again for coming to my website and I will go straight to yours and have a look.
      Have a nice day Elizabeth,
      And hopefully I’ll see you back here soon!;)

      X- Iris G.


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