After Laser Must-Haves

After a laser treatment your skin could use some extra love and care. Whether you used an At Home LHR tool or went to a Laser Hair Removal Clinic. You want to take good care of your skin. Therefore I want to share some of my after-treatment favorites with you.


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Instant Cool Pack

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An instant cool pack will save your day when you have an in-clinic Laser Hair Removal appointment (especially when it’s in the bikini area). The lasers they use in clinics are a lot more powerful than the AT-Home LHR tools. They also are a good back-up plan for when you accidentally put your At-Home LHR tool on an intensity level too high and hurt your skin. Make sure to put some Aloe Cooling Gel on the spot you hurt yourself first (see below) and than ice it with an ice-pack. Don’t put the instant ice-pack directly on your skin but wrap a towel or something around it.

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 Cooling Aloe Gel

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This Cooling Aloe Gel is specifically made to use after waxing and calms and soothes the skin. It is perfect to cool your skin after you have been to a LHR Clinic or have used an LHR tool at home on the bikini area. This area tends to run a little more sensitive than other body areas. The Gel is only $14.94 and will last you a long time and can also be used as an after-sun. It also absorbs really quickly into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy after applying.


Soft underwear that’s not too tight

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These super soft seamless panties from Amazon are another life saver for after you’ve had LHR treatment on the bikini area. The treated area will be a little irritated and sore so you want to stay away from thongs and tight fitting clothes the day of your treatment. When you use an At Home LHR tool your skin won’t be as irritated or even not irritated at all.


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CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

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This is my All-Time Favorite moisturizer! And why is it in my ‘ after laser must haves’? Because taking care of your skin after laser hair treatment is really important for your goal-end-result. Moisturizing your skin after it’s been in contact with an IPL laser or in-clinic laser is crucial! I used to buy really expensive face creams and really heavily scented body creams. But then I started to learn more about skin Care and what ingredients to go for and which ones to avoid. It saves me so much money now haha, because I now only use this cream on my face and on my entire body!



So in conclusion whether you have your bikini area treated in a clinic or at home these three Must-Haves are a… well; MUST!.. oh how the turn tables have… ok. I’ll let myself out.


X- Iris G.

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