Is IPL Laser Treatment Safe?

IPL laser treatments is a way of getting rid of hair growth on your body. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This method of hair removal is one of the best and most efficient ways of hair removal in my opinion. Your Choice Because it might hurt a little and costs quite some money, many … Read more

Wax vs Laser Hair Removal

The big question; should I choose waxing or Laser Hair Removal? My personal opinion is that laser hair removal gives a lot better results if you want to area to be completely hair free. Even though Laser Hair Removal can become pretty pricey, you will save more money if you choose LHR. The appointments add … Read more

Best Skin Care Products For Men

I talk a lot about skin care but never really specifically skin care for men. Men’s skin can be really different from women’s skin so I thought I would dedicate today’s Article to Skin Care For Men!:) When you see a product you like, just click on the image and it will take you to … Read more

What Is Glycolic Acid For?

Glycolic Acid is a Alpha Hydroxy Acid that chemically exfoliates the skin. Hydroxy what-a-mejig…? I know, let’s not get too technical because no one will know what we’re talking about… including myself. Just like products containing those BHA or AHA Exfoliators, Glycolic Acid is a milder exfoliant. In a high percentage it can become a … Read more

What is the Best Home Laser Hair Removal

I hate shaving and getting those prickly stubble-like hairs in return. Sometimes it feels like they’re already back after you shaved like 5 hours ago. Wouldn’t it be great to be hairless for longer or even forever? The only way to really permanently get rid of your body hair is through laser hair removal. You … Read more