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Some people struggle with dark circles under their eyes when they’ve had a rough night; went out clubbing and drinking, or when they’ve just not been getting enough sleep. Even though my under eyes also get darker when I don’t get enough sleep, they’re also perpetually 5 shades darker, regardless of what I do. Even when I have had all the sleep in the world. Some people are just born with permanent darker under eyes, and some people even have them because of their ethnicity. Whatever the reason, you’re here to find out how to minimize the appearance of dark under eyes, right? So let’s go!


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My 4 Favorite Eye creams for Dark Circles


The Inky List

The Inky List, an amazing and affordable brand, kind of similar to The Ordinary. So if you know and love ‘The Ordinary’ products you will love anything from ‘The Inky List’. I have been using this Brighten-i Eye cream($14,91) for only 3 months now and my under eyes, are now lighter than I’ve ever seen them before. I now don’t flinch anymore when I see myself in the mirror, in the mornings. I regularly don’t even have to put on concealer. Which is a huge deal for me. This brightening eye cream works te same but for reference, I used this one (on the right); Caffeine Eye Cream but it only comes in a little set with Hyaluronic Acid Serum & Vitamin C Cream. Which are both a Must-Have in ANY skin care routine! So do your skin a favor and get this little set from the Inky List and I can almost GUARANTEE you will notice a difference in your under eye area nearly instantaneously. I know that sounds too good to be true but I’m living proof haha. 


This CeraVe eye cream($10,26) is simple but effective. If you’re new to anything skincare related, CeraVe is truly the best brand to start off with. I use their products for everything and anything. I love the simplicity and pricing of this brand. No fluff, no hidden bad ingredients and no fragrances added. For any one with a sensitive skin this also is an amazing product because of it’s simple ingredient list and no artificial color or any fragrances. If you’re interested in a review I did of their most popular #1 product,  just Click Here.



This eye cream (13,99) is actually not even targeted towards dark circles but after using it for a couple of months I started to notice a difference so I had to share this one with you too! I like my eye creams to be light and almost gel-like. And I hate having dry under eyes, so I always gravitate towards an eye cream that’s really hydrating. So summer came and I picked up this ‘Hydro Boost’ eye cream by Neutrogena, mainly because of the name haha. And it does live up to its name, it feels really nice and gel-like and hydrates the whole eye area throughout the entire day. It was just a nice extra that I noticed my under eye area started to brighten up too.


LilyAna Naturals 

So I started seeing this eye cream pop up all over Tik Tok a while ago. Before I started using the Inky List Caffeine Eye cream. And YES ok, I have to admit I got curious and had to see it and try it out for myself. It is a little on the pricey side ($29.99) for an eye cream, in my personal opinion. But if you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype? YES. It is an amazing cream and it does all the things it promises; it depuffs, brightens dark circles and even fights signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. So definitely an All in One product. And worth your money. But if you don’t want to spend $30 dollars on an eye cream I would go for the Brightening Eye Cream from the Inky List.


Thank You

I really hope this post has helped you find THE eye cream that fits you. You might have to try some out before you land on the one that truly works best for you. But that’s why I like AFFORDABLE skin care the most because you just don’t know yet if a product suits you till you try it. That’s why I’m always a little hesitant towards pricey skin care. If this post has left you with some questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them down below. I will get back to you ASAP! I love interacting with you so even if you don’t have a question, you might have a suggestion, come say ‘hi’ in the comments below and let’s be friends:)

Thanks again for joining me on here and I’d love to see you back soon!

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