Best Face Serum For Women Over 50

I want to start by saying; No I am not calling you old, I swear! Every skin is aging from the moment you come out of the… into the world:) I want to also add that I personally use every single one of these products. I write from my own experience but any factual information about the product I draw directly from the source (the website of the product). Comment down below if you have any questions! Oh and ‘hi’ I’m Iris G. the one over there in the little circle, welcome!

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This is my Top 3 Serums I would recommend for “older” skin.


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Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Bringing back the plump

$14,95 on Amazon – by The Ordinary.


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When we get older our skin starts to dry out a little bit more and it gets harder to retain moister. This serum is the best when it comes to regaining that moister level in our skin.

Ingredients Explained

The ingredient ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ locks in the moister from outside of your skin, giving you a naturally plumper look and hydrated feel. With the addition of the B5 element this serum is truly a one of a kind product. The combination of the simple, but effective, ingredients really make for an amazing effect within your skin.

My Recommended Directions

Apply to a clean face with clean hands. I advice you to pat your skin lightly with your wet hands or a wet towel before applying the serum. This will enhance the effect of the serum which will then lock in that extra moister into your skin. I always recommend to patch test any new product before the first time you want to use it. Just try it on a small area in your neck or face and wait a little while to see how you react to it. This product isn’t known to be irritating at all, but just to be sure you can test it out.

Why This product/Brand

A lot of skin care will make your skin feel temporarily hydrated or soft but won’t really fix the underlaying issue of dehydrated skin. This product will actually improve your skin from the outside in and give you that visibly plumper look. You can use this serum in the mornings and at night.



Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane

Goodbye Aging – Goodbye wrinkles

$21,00 on Amazon by The Ordinary

You’ve probably already heard of the ingredient Retinol. Nowadays this ingredient is found in so many products and used by a lot of brands. But what they fail to tell you is that Retinol is like Retinoid’s little sister.

Ingredients Explained

So regarding to what I wrote above here, Retinoid is a lot more effective than Retinol, even though Retinol is so overexposed in skin care and the media right now. If you really want to combat signs of aging, including wrinkles. This particular product has a percentage of 5, which is pretty high. What I mean by that is it could be TOO high for a Retinoid newbie. It is a highly effective ingredient but can irritate the skin if not properly introduced. Kind of like with boyfriends and dads… no? ok..

My Recommended Directions

So If you’re skin is new to this ingredient I would recommend to start with the 2% Granactive Retinoid. If you have a really sensitive skin you might want to start with a retinol serum after all. Because it’s less concentrated and therefor less irritating. You can start as low as 1% Retinol. With either kind I always recommend to patch test before using the serum. Just rub the serum on a small area on your face and see how it feels. Some products need a slow introduction to Retinoids. It’ll take some time but once you’re used to it, it is so worth it. You will love the results, I guarantee!

Why This Product/Brand

I just love the brand ‘The Ordinary’ Because they don’t beat around the bush. They give you clean and simple ingredients in shockingly low priced products. It’s almost too good to be true. But I’m here to tell you to trust it and try it out for yourself. Of course everyone has their own opinion and experience with any skin care product. And this brand might not suit your skin the way it does mine. But if you like your skin care clean, simple and reasonably priced there really just isn’t much out there any better or cheaper than this.



Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

No more large pores, 4ever smooth & silky

$12,69 on Amazon by The Ordinary

Oh Niacinamide, Oh Niacinamide, how I love you so muuuuch! I was “blessed” with large pores on and around my nose, yay… I hate it. I had no idea there even was such a thing as a product that reduced the appearance of pores. for 24 years I just sat there, all sad, with my big pores.. But then! This knight in shining Armor saved me! haha.

Ingredients Explained

The description under the picture of the product really says it all. Do I really need to elaborate on that? I do! Because this little magic in a bottle does even MORE than shrink your pores! It also evens out your skin-tone by melting away any blemishes on your skin. Blemishes like dark sport (sun spots), old acne scarring, skin dullness. It really CAN do it all. I make no money telling you this, you’d think I would from the way I’m literally drooling over this product. The truth is simple: I’ve used this product for over 3 years now and if I could, I would marry it.

My Recommended Directions

Apply with clean hands onto a cleansed face, in the morning and evening before putting on any face creams. I always wait a little while before putting on my creams to make sure the product is absorbed and my skin feels dry to the touch. Everyone’s’ skin is different but mine needed to get used to this Niacinamide in the beginning. It would sting terribly and I would have to wash it off. I started by applying just really small amounts onto my face. I would just cover my nose and part of my cheek, those were the places my pores are largest. To this day I still only use one to tw0 drops, which covers my forehead, nose, side nose-cheek area and chin. for me this is the only place I need it but now my skin is totally used to it. But if I ever exfoliate my skin I always wait 24 hours before putting on Niacinamide again because when my skin is sensitive it doesn’t go well with the Niacinamide. But your experience could be totally different.

Why This Product/Brand

I have tried other brands of Niacinamide but none of them came close to ‘The Ordinary’ one. I’m really pleased I didn’t just stop using it in the beginning when my skin wasn’t quite used to it yet. Just by building it up bit by bit my skin started to tolerate it. And now I absolutely love it and will never stop using it. Why is this serum a good serum for older skin you ask? Once we get older we start to get dark spots on our face and our hands. Our complexion can become dull and greyish. Your pores can even get larger, due to your skin loosing its elasticity. Niacinamide combats all these issues in one. If your skin has trouble tolerating it, try mixing it in with your moisturizer to dilute it.



You made it! I hope this post has helped you somewhat understand a little more about skin care. You might even want to try these serums. I highly recommend it! I have been using these three for over 3 years now and I am still in awe of how good my skin looks. I also dragged my mum into it and she’s been using them as well. She’s 71 now, I’m 28. She looks like she’s not older than 50 and I frequently get asked if I’m even older than 18… I mean… If that’s not convincing you, I don’t know what will. If you do decide to try one or more of these serums out for yourself, please let me know what your experience with them is by leaving a comment down below.


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