Botox Wrinkle Patches, Are They Worth It?

I wanted to share this product with you! I love it, these are (fairly low priced) wrinkle smoothing botox patches. Just pop them on for a few hours or while you’re sleeping and it works really well, considering the low pricing. I like how this gives me the same (instant) results as botox, without actually having to go get botox:) plus a lot cheaper! So I wanted to share this with you.


I also love the bigger ones for my décolletage; while sleeping on my side this area always gets wrinkled because of the way I sleep. Just before bed I put these on and keep them on all night. You won’t regret trying these out because they’re all very inexpensive and very effective.


My Tips & Info On This Product

These patches are suitable for any skin type; oily, combination, dry or normal skin. This products works on any of them. It has no scent which I always find reassuring because scented skin products always have the possibility of irritating the skin. So no scent is a big PLUS in my book. One thing I did notice is that it takes off any fake tan you might have applied beforehand. Not to worry, just make sure you scrub the area well when you’re in the shower to avoid getting a patchy and uneven tan. Somehow my neck and décolletage always get more unevenly tanned anyway and this patch, although its many favors does make your fake than fade quicker. Just reapply your tan in the morning after you scrubbed down the area and your skin should have an evenly toned tan again. I like using tan drops in my tan lotion for extra effect. If you’re curious to know which products I use have a look below:


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1. Gradual Tanning Lotion from Tan Luxe

I have been using this gradual tanning lotion for over 4 years now. I have tried many other products like tanning mouse, tanning water, tanning butter, tanning drops. And although I now often mix in a few drops of my face tanner, I usually only apply the lotion to my skin with my hands. It’s a gradual tan so don’t expect too much of a change when you first apply it. I recommend mixing in some of those tanning drops I show below. But I love how light this product is because my problem with most of the other products is that my skin feels and stays sticky for a very long time. Usually till I shower, and I hate it! This is the only product that gives me a nice bronzed effect AND sinks into the skin within minutes. I highly recommend. Plus this product from Tan Luxe is a lot more reasonably priced compared to their other stuff.


2. Tan drops (medium) from Tanologist (better and cheaper than the Tan luxe drops)

I started to look for alternatives after using the Tan Luxe drops for over 2 years but always felt bad to spend that much money on such a small amount of product. These drops are a lot cheaper and give ma a deeper tan instantly. So you don’t have to build up to a tan. I really like these and also use a few drops in my body lotion to give that same deep bronzed look all over my body. It’s crucial to scrub every time you shower because this is how you avoid getting patchy skin with dark and lighter spots from your fake tan. I love using those scrubbing mits ( because they get the job done way better then any kind of scrub product out there. Just use your usual shower gel with the mits and voila, you’re done:)


3. I recently bought this new tanning drops product named: ‘Skinny Tan Coconut Water Face Serum’. 

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These Tanning Drops have a light coconut scent and has a hint of glitter like shiny stuff in it hehe. I used it on my face but my face didn’t like it and I got some minor little zits. So I used these drops mixed into the Tan Luxe Gradual Tanning Lotion and I love the results! And this one is only like $12 🙂 Worth your money 100%!

Sorry this was supposed to be about wrinkle patches haha and now I’m droning on about fake tanning woops, Sorry! 

Back to our topic!

Here are some more Wrinkle erasing Patches that give you the look and feel of botox without getting actual botox, Winner!

These small patches are perfect for the small areas on your face. Like the other ones, you put them on before bed and keep them on throughout the night.  Especially during the night your face is usually smooshed against your pillow, creating a crease in the skin that can become wrinkles over time. So using these patches don’t only turn back the clock and visibly reduce the appearance of the wrinkles, they also PREVENT them from forming in the first place. Highly recommend!


This is kind of like an all in one wrinkle patch packet. So if you not only want to patch up your face before bed but also want to prevent wrinkles from forming on your décolletage, this might be the best starter kit for you!



And if you don’t like having larger patches on your face during the night, I’d recommend these cute little ones:) You hardly feel them on your skin and they don’t bother you during the night.



(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

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