CeraVe Moisturizer Review

If you’ve visited any of my pages before, you probably know by now that this little sexy pump full of goodness is my all time favorite stuff to put, well.. everywhere! ai, I didn’t mean to make that sound so sexual.. hehe.

If you’re anything like me and are used to buying more expensive skin care because you think the price must mean quality. Then stick around because I’m about to blow your mind.. haha ok that’s maybe a little extra, but I am sure you won’t regret reading this review. It will help you understand skin care on a deeper level and make better, more educated decisions in the future. And you definitely will save yourself a buck of two… or twenty:)


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At First Glance

At first I wasn’t too sure about it because it comes in such a big pump thingy and it is so cheap ($11,49 ). I didn’t think it could come close to any facial creams I’d ever used before. I was used to pretty pricey creams, in ecstatically looking jars with fancy smelling fragrances. Convinced those were the only kind of skin care products that would have the best ingredients for your skin. Little did I know that Less is More. Even in skin care. This face and body cream has all the basics but at the same time all the necessary ingredients to keep your skin balanced. If your skin is having a rough time. Maybe going through some physicals changes or your changing your skin care routine; don’t be alarmed if your sin doesn’t react immediately to a new cream. Your skin needs a little time to find it’s balance back. And this simple but effective one is just really good for when you want or need to just go back to basic. You can then, when you feel like your skin is somewhat more balanced out, start to add more products into your routine. Like serums and oils, if you like those kinds of things.


“My skin has never been better and my bank account is fuller”


I used to spend my money on pricey skin care brands like Estee Lauder and my skin was never really happy. I would try cheaper options from the drugstore but those would just kind of sit on my skin instead of in it. With the Estee Lauder face cream my skin used to get really oily. After finding out about skin care ingredients, it changed the way I look at products now. Like did you know how some brands use the ingredients to their advantage at their costumers disadvantage.


For instance; Estee Lauder and many more medium priced skincare ($40+) have quite a lot of alcohol in them. That specific kind of alcohol, called denatured alcohol, serves as a ‘delivery agent’, meaning that the ingredients that need to penetrate the skin are being delivered there by the alcohol. Some brands like to add a lot of alcohol in their product because it dehydrates the skin, therefor their costumer will use their products more and more frequently, resulting in them having to buy the same product more often. So you’d think by spending more money on skin care you’re investing in to your skin with quality products, but this is a total myth. My skin has never been better and my bank account is fuller.



So of course, you can keep buying whatever face cream you like, even if it’s pricey. Ay, if it’s working for your skin, keep doing what you’re doing hun. All I’m saying is, a lot of us keep buying products which we think are good for our skin but they’re actually not. And in some cases even damaging. And why would you spend your money on something that makes your skin worse? If you want to browse through some other really phenomenal LOW priced day/night creams Click Here.


Did I Help?

I hope this raving little review has helped you out in your search of the perfect new skin care product. Even if you like a little more fancy pants products just because you like the experience of a nice looking container and heavenly smelling smells. This product still deserves your attention. It can serve as a great ‘after shower’ body lotion. Or a Mini in your handbag for a quick face refresher, follow this link https://amzn.to/2VDwEy2. Or as emergency backup, when all else fails. I know it sounds like I am some sort of CeraVe ambassador haha, I swear I’m not, I wish! haha. I’m just genuinely so impressed with it.


Did my review leave you with any questions please feel free to comment them down below:) I love hearing back from you and even if you don’t have question, I’d love to know your opinion or you experience. Thanks again for joining me on here and I’d love to see you back soon!

X- Iris G.

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