Does Laser Hair Removal Remove Hair Forever?

Yes & no, Laser hair removal is permanent but it’s advised to keep up with the area at least once a year after your last laser appointment. Your body has the natural ability to heal itself. When 99% of all the hair follicles have been lasered away, over time your body will heal a few and little baby hairs will start to grow here and there. This is why you should always keep up with at least one appointment a year, to keep the area completely hair free.

There are more factors that come into play regarding the regrowth of your hair. For instance, when a woman becomes pregnant or goes into menopause, the body’s hormones will shift and change. This disbalance in hormones can cause the hair to grow back. When this happens you’ll probably need a few sessions (not a lot) but a few more than once a year, to keep the area hairless. To read more about Laser Hair Removal and pregnancy Click Here. It’s important to have a good clinic that will give you honest and real advice. Always make sure to read the reviews on google before going to any LHR clinic.

First Things First

The first thing you want to do is make a decision whether you want to try laser hair removal in a clinic or at-home with a LHR IPL tool. IPL is a different kind of laser lamp compared to lasers they use in clinics. In-Clinic treatments are usually a little more pricey than home tools but are definitely the most effective and give you the fastest results. When you want to go to a clinic to get laser treatment done then you want to start by doing a little research into the establishment you’re planning to go to.

Read reviews of people who went there and schedule an intake before your actual appointment. This will give you more of an idea of the establishment and people you’re dealing with. After you’ve done your research, read some positive reviews and got a feel of the place, you should feel confident and comfortable enough to make your decision. If reviews are bad and they won’t offer you an intake appointment please run for the hills. They should be open to help you feel safe, especially if it’s you’re first ever experience with laser hair removal.


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At-Home LHR Tools

Ok so now we know a little more how to approach our first visit to a laser hair removal clinic let’s dive into the world of At-Home Laser devices. There are so many different ones out there in a wide range of prices how do you choose? Well ask yourself these two questions first; 1, what is my budget? & 2, how patient am I? These two are the most important … to base your decision on. There are plenty of choices for a laser hair removal tool for under $150 which give great, long-lasting results. There are also many at-home LHR tools that are a little more expensive and offer you either better and quicker results and sometimes even better technology.


“Our bodies aren’t all one skin-tone.”


If You’re new to laser hair removal I’d advise you to maybe start with this Braun IPL laser which has a built in SensorAdaptWhat this does is scan your skin tone before the IPL flash reaches the skin, this technology protects the user from accidentally burning themselves. When you’re new to laser hair removal it might be hard to determine what level of intensity you should use on what part of the body. Our bodies aren’t all one skin-tone. Even if your skin isn’t tanned by the sun, your skin tends to be darker in certain places and lighter in others. For instance; your armpits, knees, bikini area and sporadic moles or freckles are darker than our arms, legs, tummy and back. Particularly moles and freckles are a lot darker than the rest of our skin and because the whole purpose of the laser is to be drawn to the dark part of the hair root, any place darker will absorb more heat from the laser flash. 

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Did I Help?

I really hope some of my information and recommendations have helped you make up your mind about laser hair removal. Maybe you want to do a little more research on this topic which I totally understand. The most important thing I want you to take away from this is that LHR is an amazing way to get smooth hairless skin and with the right upkeep and the right clinic it will be all smooth sailing;). The technology has been used and perfected over decades and even the at-home tools are highly effective and for the most park really safe. Just make sure you pay attention while you’re lasering your body and if you’re a klutz like me, go for the fool proof Braun IPL laser, and you’ll be totally fine.



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