Facial Hair Removal For Women

Isn’t it the worst! Sometimes they comes out of nowhere, a small little black hair suddenly pops up on your chin or upper lip. What?! Some women have had to struggle with facial hair ever since they can remember. And other times women who are pregnant or going through menopauze suddenly stare that little black hair in the face… in the mirror. Either way, no matter what age we started struggling with unwanted facial hair, I want you to know there are plenty of solutions for you to get rid of them. Even permanently!

Hi, let me introduce myself real quick. I’m Iris, I grew up in the Netherlands and recently moved to the United States with my husband. I am 28 years old and almost never leave the house. I got really ill and are fighting my way back to health and while I do that I started this website to add some more meaning to my life. Enough about me unless you’d like to know more, in that case Click Here.

Ok back to facial hair, annoying little buggers. I recently started noticing thicker peach fuzz hair on my own cheeks and upper lip. I think it is caused by me going off birth control a little while ago. I guess my hormones changed and so did my facial hair.

Here are a few ways of getting rid of them and I’ll end with my personal favorite! You can tweeze them or shave them or even wax them. Here are some of the best products if you want to go that route.



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Painless Hair Remover (epilator)

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I absolutely love this elegant, lipstick like, hair remover. It’s an inexpensive little tool to get rid of any little facial hair you want to get rid of. Or when your peach-fuzz is starting to Fuzz out of hand like mine, you

can tame it with this $15 epilator. It comes with batteries and will fit in any little make up bag or even your purse. The biggest selling point for me is the word ‘painless’. I’m a baby when it comes to pulling out hairs and I just want it to be painless more than anything really. It’s really gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave your skin irritated or red afterwards. So many great reviews on this Amazon’s Choice item, And for that price definitely worth your try.


One Blade Razors


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I got these exact ‘One Blade’ razors for when I first started to notice my peach fuzz was growing a little more enthusiastically than I’d like. I saw some people do something called ‘Dermablading’. I first left them in my bathroom drawer for months because I was too scared to actually shave my face. I thought it would grow back thicker and more black. But after watching This YouTube Video I was confident enough to try it out myself. I was terrified but loooved the results. My skin has never been that smooth and all my skin care products absorbed a lot better and quicker then before. I totally get if this is a little too scary for you to try, it took me a while too. But watch that video I linked in green and it might help you too!



I never tried waxing my face and somehow I don’t feel like I should recommend you to do so either. The skin on your face is so thin and fragile, and waxing is such a stress on your skin. I don’t tink any brand of any kind of wax will leave your (face) skin happy or healthy so I’m going to skip this one. And dive straight into my all time favorite way to get rid of any hair, anywhere. And that is Laser Hair Removal!


Laser Hair Removal + Cooling System with 999,900 Flashes

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It’s not a secret I am a fan of the Laser Hair Removal technique. This one is a little smaller than most and I find it super handy to use on my face. WARNING – don’t use it around your eyes because the IPL light can be damaging to them. So for that area I recommend the previously mentioned methods of hair removal. This LHR tool has a built-in cooling mechanism which is also a very welcome addition. Plus this at-home laser tool can also be used on other parts of your body and because this particular device has 999,900 flashes stored you can probably treat every body part and still not run out of flashes.


So What Do You Say?

So to recap, there are many ways of treating unwanted facial hair and it really is all up to you. whatever you prefer. You can also try out a few methods and see what technique suits you the best.


Did you have any questions after reading my post, please feel free to comment down below and I will get back to you ASAP! Thank you so much for visiting my website, I hope this page has helped you in some way and maybe got you to make a decision on trying out a new method of treating unwanted facial hair. Please let me know if you tried any of my recommendations and tell me what your experience was with it, I would LOVE to hear back from all of you!

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X- Iris G.

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