Find Out Your Skin Type, Quick & Easy

Through this (self fabricated) little ‘scenario technique system’ we’re about to find out what type of skin you have. Just read the 7 scenarios below and when you recognize yourself in any of them, you’ve found your skin type. Voila! Just like that.

Find Out Your Skin Type

  1. Ok scenario one, you wake up with skin that feels tight and warm. This means you have Dehydrated Skin.
  2. Scenario two, you wake up with itchy and flaky skin. This means you have Dry Skin.
  3. Scenario three you wake up with Oily skin. hhm tough one.. You have Oily Skin.
  4. And there is Sensitive skin. Depending on what product you use you can wake up in any state. Wyoming, Colorado.. Jokes.. I’ll leave.. But usually people know when they have sensitive skin. When your skin reacts often on most products or turns red easily, or break out easily.
  5. And when your skin changes from time to time depending on the weather etc. Your cheeks are normally a little dry in the morning but your T-zone always feels a little more oily. Then my friend, I welcome you to the large community of, the Combination Skin club. T-shirt and Buttons on the left.
  6. And then there also are several skin conditions Like Rosacea and Psoriasis. 
  7. Last but not least; you wake up with 3 more zits.. I have to confess.. I never really had acne so I’m not an expert in this area. But all my friends are swearing by Curology. I am NOT sponsored by them but I highly recommend checking them out if you feel like nothing is working and your acne is hard to get under control.


Knowing how confused I was when I first started taking care of my skin, I wanted to create a space where the true basics of skin care would be the vocal point


So Now What

Now you know your skin type you can choose your skin care products more targeted towards you skins’ needs. Therefore avoiding buying products that your skin doesn’t need or likes and wasting your money. I’d advise you to have a little browse in my ‘Skin Care’ menu above. You’ll see a dropdown menu leading you to different topics and even more redirects to other articles. I write 1 to 2 articles a day so if you’re interested in learning more about skin care and/or Laser Hair Removal you could consider subscribing to 4eversilky in that Blue Box. You’ll be the first to know about any good deals and coupons:).

Thank You

I am so excited you’re here! Knowing how confused I was when I first started taking care of my skin, I wanted to create a space where the true basics of skin care would be the vocal point.  I hope this post has helped you in your quest in finding the best Skin Care Products that fits your skin’s needs. If you want to know more about skin care Click Here. For more information about Laser Hair Removal Click Here.


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