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Girl to Girl, Let me Give You Some Advice

Maybe it’s your first time going to have Laser Hair Removal and you just want to know what to expect and how to prepare. Let me help you out! I’ll give you the rundown of what you need and how to prepare. And I won’t leave you hanging bestie, I will make sure you know exactly what to do after your appointment. Get that skin all smooth and beautiful. And above all… Hairless!


The Full Brazilian

I talk about what to expect when going in for a full Brazilian with Laser Hair Removal. How to prepare and what to pay attention to. It’s always nice to know a little bit of what’s about to happen when you’re going all spread eagle in front of someone you’ve never met… Right? haha. The things we do to be smooth & hairless;) I hope this will ease your mind a little and you’ll be able to go to your appointment with confidents!


LHR & Pregnancy

I talk a little about Laser Hair Removal in relation to Pregnancy. I’ll give some information on what to do and what not to do, regarding Laser Hair Removal while being pregnant. But ultimately it is your decision! If you are currently pregnant or just interested in what I have to say about Laser Hair Removal while pregnant then you can Click on the Image to read the whole post.



LHR & Darker Skin Tones

I also dive into the sea of Laser Hair Removal Tools to find the best ones that are designed to treat darker skin tones. Not many At-Home Laser Hair Removal Tools have the technology to treat darker skin and only a handful are found on Amazon that have the right design to be used by people with tanned or naturally darker skin. I also provide information about professional lasers they use in clinics and which ones are suitable to treat dark skin and which ones aren’t.


LHR & Men

I also talk about MEN and Laser Hair Removal and how this is a growing interest for many men. Nowadays men are way more invested in their looks than let’s say 20 years ago. And this is not a bad thing at all. Who doesn’t like a well groomed man? We Women are not all the same and we all have different preferences. Some like a well groomed man and others maybe like a more rugged look. And let’s not forget what men want for themselves. If bob wants his butt cheeks lasered then we are here to cheer you on BOB! GO! BOB! If you’re a man and came across this page and you’re interested in finding out what Laser Hair Treatment could do for you then go have a read!


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