How Do Home Laser Hair Removal Devices Work

Home lasers are a little different from in-clinic professional lasers. You’ll always see home lasers name with IPL next to it which means Intense Pulsed Light. This light (heat) is designed to destroy the root/hair follicle of your hair. An at-home IPL laser uses a broadband light instead of professional lasers which use a more direct and more focused light, this also pernitrates the skin on a deeper level.

The professional laser doesn’t only go deeper into the skin but it’s also a lot more intense and powerful. This is why you get quicker results with in-clinic laser treatments.

What Is The Process

The process of home laser treatments are quite similar to the one you get in clinics. The laser light goes into the skin and gets drawn to the pigment in your hair follicle. The heat from the laser will destroy the hair follicle and it won’t be able to produce any hair anymore. There’s a catch though, not all hairs are in the same growth cycle. Only in the right point of the grow cycle will the laser be able to destroy the hair follicle. This is why you need to repeat the treatment quite often before you have targeted every single hair in the area you’re targeting.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Final Result

Not every home laser is the same so make sure to read the direction that come with the laser device. But generally speaking it takes about 4 to 6 months to really get to your desired end result of not having any hair growth at all. Some lasers you can use daily, others only 1 or twice a week. To take a look at a few of my favorite Home lasers Click Here.

In-clinic Treatments VS Home Laser Treatments

With in-clinic treatments you will get to your desired end result a lot quicker but the costs can get really high. The average cost per treatment in the US is about 100 to 200 dollars form a medium body part like the bikini area. The costs of this in the NL (where I’m from) is about 90 to 150 euros for that same area. You will need about 6 to 10 sessions with in-clinic laser hair removal treatments. In between those treatments you need to wait 6 weeks before you can get your follow-up treatment.

With at-home laser hair removal treatments you need a lot more sessions but they can follow each other a lot faster. With home lasers you don’t have to wait 6 weeks in between treatments. Usually you can use the laser about 3 times a week but definitely make sure to read to instructions because not all home lasers are the same.

Even though the technology isn’t quite the same with home lasers and clinic lasers the time it takes to get to your end result are roughly the same. Think about 6 to 8 months.

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