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How Safe Is IPL

Can you trust those home lasers? Are they really as safe as they make them out to be? In this article I will talk all about the safety concerns you might have surrounding IPL Laser treatment devices for at-home use. Have you ever thought about getting Laser Hair Removal done but didn’t want to invest that much money into it. You could buy yourself an at-home IPL laser. Hopefully this post will help you trust these IPL tools more.



Average Cost?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start Laser Hair Removal for a while now. But not knowing the average costs and alternatives have been holding you back. Let me break it down for you in this post to help you make the right decision for you.


Do I Shave Before?

So you’re ready to dabble in the world of Laser Hair Removal. Now what? How to prepare for you first appointment and the other ones following? Let me help you get ready for your appointment so you’ll get the best results from your laser session, with the least amount of discomfort. I love sharing my experience and help others avoid mistakes that I made.


Show Me Some

Let me show you some of the best and most effective IPL home lasers. These ones will offer you the closest to an in-clinic result as you can get from a home IPL laser. I review the devices and give you my honest opinion on them. Hopefully after browsing through some of these lasers you’ll be able to pick one out for yourself. And if the once featured in this post didn’t fit your requirements you can always go to the top menu and click on > Review Laser Hair Removal Tool, to have a look at more.