Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Since starting this website I’ve gotten the question if IPL at-home laser hair removal is even safe. Some people are also too scared to go to LHR clinics. All I can tell you is that the technology, both for in-clinic professional lasers, and at-home IPL lasers are perfectly safe. Based on the FDA, my opinion and my own experience there is nothing to fear when it comes to laser hair removal. Both are cleared by the FDA and I personally never have any issues with either of the laser treatments. So that’s it. Thank you for coming to my TED talk, see you later. . . haha jokes!

Laser treatments for everything

Laser treatment has been on the market for over 40 years. And it’s not even just for hair removal. Nowadays there are laser treatments for a whole myriad of things. They treat acne and acne scarring. Or larger scars from burn wounds. They can even laser away a tattoo. I know. I’ve had that done too haha. I’m coming off as quite the laser-enthusiast here on this website huh. hehe. Back to all those types of laser treatments. You can have laser treatments done for fine lines and wrinkles, to tighten the skin or get rid of pigmented lesions. They can even turn back time and laser people’s eyes so they can see again without glasses or contact lenses. Why am I telling you all this? I just want you to get a feel of how widely and often the technique of ‘laser treatment’ is being done. Sometimes medically, and often times cosmetically. All these types of treatments don’t all use one and the same type of laser. They’re all specifically designed for every individual treatment and it’s been around for decades.

“Please don’t go to a sketchy place somewhere in the middle of nowhere, just because they are super cheap and gave you 70% off.” 

The only advice I can give you, if you’re scared to try it out: please don’t go to a sketchy place somewhere in the middle of nowhere, just because they are super cheap and gave you 70% off. This is how those horror images online become reality. Trust your gut instinkt, do some research and read the reviews! If it’s not a well known establishment and they don’t have a website or any reviews on google. DON’T GO!

Choose Wisely

Please do a little research. And choose a clinic that has a well established name and website, and at least a few reviews on google. And one more thing! If it’s not within your price range to have an in-clinic treatment done. Please don’t get swept away by crazy deals at untrustworthy clinics. Save you money and save your skin. Just go for one of the more affordable at-home laser tools. They work perfectly fine. You just need to be vigilant in using them and have a little bit of patience to get to your final result. There are so many good products out there! I will be reviewing some more in the upcoming weeks, but if you’re already interested in reading about some of them now Click Here.


I hope I’ve eased up some of your fears and doubts about the safety of Laser Hair Removal. If you’re still not sure and want to ask me some questions please go ahead and comment down below, I will get back to you ASAP.


Thank You

I am so excited you’ve found my page. I hope this post has helped you or answered some of your questions. If not? Then feel free to browse around on here some more, because there’s lots more information provided for you to get better acquainted with laser hair removal.. and with me:)

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