Is IPL Laser Treatment Safe?

IPL laser treatments is a way of getting rid of hair growth on your body. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This method of hair removal is one of the best and most efficient ways of hair removal in my opinion.

Your Choice

Because it might hurt a little and costs quite some money, many of you might not decide to choose this particular method of hair removal. This is where home IPL lasers come in. You can buy a home laser for prices between 100 & 500 dollars. The only difference between the less expensive ones and more expensive ones is that the more expensive ones work a little quicker. The more expensive ones will give you your desired results a lot quicker but both cheap and expensive they work the same way through IPL.

Trust me

Why should you take my word on the safeness of IPL home lasers? I personally have used multiple different home lasers and when you use it according to the manual any IPL laser is as safe as any other home device. Using the laser without reading the manual can result in light burns.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole manual and just want to know the basics of how to use a home laser and what to look out for then keep reading.

How To Use A Home IPL Laser Safely

  • Always wear the safety goggles that come with your IPL device and if it doesn’t come with it just wear your own sun glasses.
  • Always start with the lowest setting.
  • Shave the body part the day before or depending on your hair growth speed 2 days beforehand.
  • Avoid any dark spots like freckles and birthmarks.
  • Let the sensation of “pain” gives you an indication of the effectiveness of the laser, meaning that if yo don’t feel anything you can go up in the settings to a higher level of the IPL laser. When it hurts a little too much you might want to adjust the level to a lower setting.
  • Use the laser as often as described in the manual. Every IPL laser is different in this area so I do have to send you to the manual for this one.
  • Try not to laser the same spot twice or too often as your skin can get a little irritated or lightly burned. This rarely happens, especially on lower level settings.

You’ll Be Fine

If you follow the steps in my bullet points you be just fine. Nothin can happen when you handle your IPL device with care and use it accordingly. I hope this article has eased your mind a little and maybe you now feel confident enough to start using one yourself.


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