Is Laser Hair Removal Worth The Money?

In my opinion; yes. But it did take me a lot longer than it should’ve done. This was mainly because of the costs. In-clinic laser treatments can be very pricey. I did move to another country in the middle of my treatment so that didn’t help haha. But overall it was always a matter of getting the money together for some treatments and then still needing those maintenance treatments to keep the new hairs from forming and keep the entire area hairless.

Permanent is never really Permanent

If someone or a website has ever promised you “Permanent Hair Removal” then they lied. You will never really have completely no hair growth, for ever. There will most likely be a few spots where your hair will still grow a little bit. Plus your body has the natural ability to heal itself. So after your “last” appointment you will need to come back maybe every 6 months to keep the area from developing new hair growth.

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Another Way Of Keeping Up With Your After Care

Clinics are always the most expensive way of Laser Hair Removal treatments. After you have had your 6 to 8 initial treatments at a clinic I advise you to buy yourself an at-home IPL laser. I got my 10 or so laser treatments in at the clinic and am now keeping up with the area by using a home laser. It’s a lot less money than having your up-keep laser treatments at a clinic. Almost all at-home lasers have enough light flashes stored for a lifetime so you never run out! Click Here to Check out some of my favorite home IPL lasers or keep reading to see my top 3.


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My Top 3 Home IPL Lasers

1 My first Ever Home IPL Laser


This was my first ever home IPL laser and it works fine. Not crazy good or efficient but it does the job you just need a little more patience than with in clinic treatments. But that is to be expected with a device that is even half the price off of one in-clinic laser treatment. This particular one also has a great deal going on right now. This is also the one that is the cheapest out of my top 3.


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2 The Deess 3 in 1 Ice Cool IPL Laser


This is one of my favorites because it does more than just IPL laser hair removal. It has different light lenses you can switch out and the other 2 have a completely different effect on your skin. One of the other lights is for Skin Rejuvenation; it will boost your collagen production and will help your skin look younger and more plumb. The other light is for acne; it will help Heal the acne plus help get rid of the actual acne scars as well. I think if you’re going for a product that does all these extra things plus laser hair removal, you’re getting your money’s worth for sure!


SILK’N IPL Home Laser


This is my all-time favorite Home Laser. Why, you ask? Because it is the only laser I’ve ever purchased that gave me very similar results to in clinic treatments. I think, as far as home lasers go, if you want to save your money and not go to a clinic for LHR treatments that this Home Laser should be your pick. It gives you your desired end result in just 7 to 8 weeks and this laser, like most, will last you a life-time. So keeping up with your treated area is already included. This laser is the most expensive of my top 3, so it still is a little bit of an investment. But when you’re going for in-clinic treatments you will spend over 5 times the cost of this product. So definitely worth your consideration.

Did I help?

I hope this article has helped you make a decision on what home laser to go for. If you didn’t like any of my top 3 just have a look here for a longer list and reviews of different Home Lasers. Did my article leave you with any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them down below. I also love to read other peoples experience with Laser Hair Removal so feel free to share any of your own stories about this topic in the comments down below as well! I love interacting with you on here. Unfortunately I don’t make it out of the house very often due to a auto-immune disease, so whenever I get a message from my readers it does really brighten up my day:)

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4 thoughts on “Is Laser Hair Removal Worth The Money?”

  1. Hey thanks for this article! Great information and advice.

    I currently use IPL only at home, I have never done laser hair removal though I was considering it for a while. I literally thought permanent means PERMANENT but I guess that’s not true I learnt now. I think I might just stick to the IPL especially since the results that can be achieved are quite similar. And on top of that the price that’s definitely not worth it for me!

    Thanks again!

    • Yes at home devices can really give you similar results and you will save a lot of money by not going to a clinic. You just need a little bit more patience when you use at-home IPL lasers but I think you made a great decision to stick with you home IPL laser:) 

      Thank you so much for your message, hope you have a lovely day!

      X- Iris G.

  2. My wife used to get really bad sores under her arms over and over again. The doctors did not know how to help her. She thought that it may be because of the hair under her arms. She paid for laser hair removal and it actually cured her of this issue. She has not had any issues since. She is now researching getting her own laser removal devices. I will share this page with her. I think she will get a lot out of it.

    • This is such a great story! I love that she had such a positive experience with laser hair removal. Thank you so much for sharing my website with your wife, I hope she will find the right fit for her and if she’s got any questions I’ll be here:)

      X Iris G.


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