Laser Hair Removal Average Cost

Laser hair removal doesn’t just have one price. There’s several different at-home laser hair removal devices. There are all kinds of Clinics. Some more well known than others. Some more trustworthy than others too. Besides the price you want to make sure the clinic you’re planning on going to for your appointment is legitimate and well-established. My best advice is read the reviews! Reviews of clinics, reviews of products like on my website;). It all helps you get an idea of what you’re putting your money into. It also helps to search in other areas for laser clinics if you live in a rather expensive state like California. Prices will fluctuate between areas and States, so definitely browse around before picking your establishment.


Let Me break It Down For Ya

Average Prices at Well-Established Clinics:

  1. Small Area: +/- $600 – $800
  2. Medium Area: +/- $1,200 – $1,600
  3. Large Area: = +/- $1,500 – $3,000

When they say Small Area, they really mean Small. Under this falls; upper lip, toes, fingers, sideburns, chin. When they refer to a Medium Area they mean; under arms, bikini area. And with Large the mean; Arms, Legs, Belly, back and shockingly the Brazilian falls under ‘Large Area’ too, which I think is ridiculous.. but ok. And of course they offer you a payment plan so you can pay per month. Note that a payment plan will always end up costing you more than the initial price.

Prices for at-home LHR tools

There’s a broad range in choices and prices involving LHR tools for at home use. An at-home LHR device can cost you from $70 to $500. The main difference between a cheaper and more expensive home device is their effectiveness. To read some of my reviews on the best home lasers Click Here. I review all deferent kinds of lasers, rating from +/- $70 to +/- $399. The only deference is you need a little (maybe a lot) more patience with the less expensive home lasers, than with the more expensive ones. meaning you’ll see faster results with the more expensive devices. But in the end they deliver (roughly) the same end result.

My Advice

When it comes to in-clinic treatments I advice you to never ever buy the standard prices or payment packages they offer. Always go on a little hunt online to see if there are any offers floating around. Those will end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Soon I’ll be able to provide you with those deals, so make sure to subscribe in that blue Box. You’ll be the first to know when a relevant deal like that is active. Sometimes they only last a few days or hours and will be like 80% off and definitely worth your money. Because even though I think the standard pricing of in-clinic laser treatments are way too high, I do really like the results.


The Price Tag of Body Confidents

Feeling confident in your own skin sometimes comes with a price tag. Meaning a little dash of fake tan and freshly manicured nails can really boost our body confidents. I’m not saying you have to spend a bunch of money before you can feel confident about yourself. I’m just speaking from my own experience. And it doesn’t always have to be really expensive stuff either; sometimes just a new shirt from Target for 7 bucks can make you feel like a million bucks. I know for me personally it made a huge difference when I got Laser hair removal done on my bikini line. Before when I used to have to shave every few days, I remember feeling really self conscious about my bikini area and would avoid hanging out with friends at the beach or the pool. Afraid they would notice my razor bumps and redness.


Thank You

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