Laser Hair Removal Over Tattoo

Let me start by sayin; NO. You can’t use any (IPL) laser hair removal lasers over a tattoo. Let me follow up by saying; YES there are specific kind of lasers (professional ones) that are designed to effectively laser AWAY tattoos. So depending on what you were looking for, I have the information for you! In this article I will dive into the world of laser hair removal in relation to AVOIDING damaging your tattoos. But did you want more information on how to laser away your tattoo Click Here.

Avoid Damaging Your Tattoo With LHR

If your tattoo is in or near the place you wanted to get laser hair removal treatment, you want to take a few necessary precautions.

  1. First: make sure to NEVER use your home device on your tattoo. It will a.) Hurt like h*ll. & b.) Damage your tattoo pigment.
  2. If the tattoo is close to the area you want to have LHR treatment; in clinics they will have special stickers. They’ll put them over your tattoo to protect it from the laser flash.
  3. If you’re thinking of using an at-home IPL laser on you skin near a tattoo, you want to use a White Pencil to color over your tattoo and Place This Sticker Over It. You can now safely use your IPL laser next to and near the area of your tattoo, without damaging your tattoo or loosing pigment in it.
  4. Yes this does mean you can’t laser away your hair right in the exact spot of your tattoo. You can safely work around it but to get rid of the hairs in the exact spot, you might have to use other methods of hair removal like Wax or Epilator.


The Risks Of LHR over tattoo

Because lasers for hair removal are designed to be drawn to the darker pigment in your hair follicle, it will be totally absorbed by the dark pigment in your tattoo. It will not only hurt, really, really mad. It will also damage your skin and ultimately your tattoo. The laser will destroy some of the pigment of your tattoo,=. Not to mention you might develop a blister that will become a wound and might even get infected. The wound or infection will damage your skin and tattoo so much that it will probably end up unrecognizable after it heals. If this doesn’t put you off of trying your home LHR tool on your tattoo.. then I don’t know what will. If you were planning on going to a laser hair removal clinic and they inform you that; “it is no problem to laser your leg that’s full of tattoos..” Please run for the hills and save your skin, your tattoos AND your money.

Did I help?

I know this one is a little shorter than most of my articles. I like to always keep it as short and simple as possible. This topic doesn’t really need a lot of elaboration as the answer is short and simple too. NO YOU CAN NOT. I hope after reading this I have helped you a little and answered some questions. And hopefully I gave you enough discouragement so you won’t try laser hair removal on your tattoo.


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