Laser Hair Removal Preparation Tips

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life is Laser Hair Removal. I used to get such bad razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Shaving just never was a fun experience for me, then I found Laser Hair Removal. Yes, laser treatments in a clinic can be very pricey but you should always hunt for a good deal on the world wide web!

Tip 1:

Never buy your laser treatment sessions directly from the clinic you want to go to. There are a lot of third party websites that will offer great temporary deals for Laser Hair Removal treatments. So before heading over to a clinic, have a little browse around on the internet and I will guarantee you will find a great deal that will save you a lot of money.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The lasers in clinics are a lot stronger than the ones you buy for at-home use but essentially the technology behind it is almost the same. A laser will flash out of either a professional device or an at-home device and penetrate the skin. The heat from the flash will be drawn to the darker pigment in the hair follicle and ultimately destroy it. Not every hair at that point will be in the optimal growth cycle stage so that’s why you need at least 6 to 8 treatments before every hair follicle has been eliminated ‘for good’. To read more about how IPL works and how safe it is Click Here.

Laser Hair Removal In-Clinic Treatments

Tip 2:

Make sure to stick to your treatment plan! When you disrupt your treatment plan by leaving too much time in between your laser sessions, too many hair follicles will have recovered and you will end up needing more treatments than when you stick to your treatment plan accordingly.

This technology works by the machine giving off the exact right wavelength of the laser so that your skin will be unbothered while the hair follicle will be destroyed. Why does this work? Because your skin is lighter than your hair and the laser is made to be drawn to darker pigment.

Tip 3:

If you have a very dark skin tone, laser hair removal won’t be possible for you unfortunately.

Like tip 3 says, Laser Hair Removal won’t work on really dark skin tones. When you have medium dark skin or just sun tanned skin the laser technician will adjust the laser’s wavelength to match your skin tone. This way LHR will still work on your skin. Click Here to read more about laser hair removal on darker skin. It is possible, you just need to know what laser to use, professional and with at-home laser use.

Tip 4:

Don’t stop after your first treatment. A lot of times people will not return for their 2nd treatment because they think the first session has already got rid of all their hair. And to be clear, this does appear to be so but when you don’t return for your other sessions, your hair follicles will heal back up and start producing hairs again.

After that first laser session you will be blown away by the results and because your hair will fall off and almost not even grow back for at least 6 weeks, a lot of people mistake this for being done with their treatment. I do get it, It’s quite a lot of money and wouldn’t it be great if we all just only needed one laser treatment instead of 6 to 8. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and you should absolutely stick to your treatment plan.

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Tip 5:

Not everyone will have the same results. Some people might only need 4 sessions, other people, like myself, will need more than 10 laser sessions. It all depends on what area you’re having done; what color hair you have; what color skin and how deep your hair growth is. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else because it will be different for every individual.

This is also why most LHR clinics don’t have standard prices on their websites. They’ll usually schedule you in for an intake and they will look at your skin tone and hair color and will ask you some questions like how fast do you burn in the sun etc. You will likely have to fill out a few forms before you start your laser treatments.

Tip 6:

Make sure your clinic is the right one. Maybe you’ve found an amazing deal and are going in for your first appointment. When they don’t ask you any questions or have you fill out any forms, run for the hills. You want your clinic to be following all the right protocols because those lasers are no joke, and handled in the wrong way you could end up scared for life.

Tip 7:

Another tip regarding choosing the right clinic is to read the reviews! Read as many reviews as you can, not only from the actual website but more importantly; look for the ones on google.

What To Expect From Your LHR treatments

You’re already doing more than most people by reading this book and finding out a little more about Laser Hair Removal before attending your first ever treatment. It’s a good thing to be prepared before starting your laser sessions, so let me break down all you need to know before getting your treatment done.

Tip 8:

Wear loose clothing. On the day of your laser treatment I advise you to wear loose fitting clothing. Your skin will be a little sore and tender after your treatment and tight-fitting clothes could really bother you and irritate the skin.

Tip 9:

Get your cool pack beforehand. You can get these instant cool packs with a little chip in them that you click. When you click it the gel pack will instantly turn into a cool pack. This is great for when you get small to medium area’s done. Just cool the area for 30 minutes to an hour and most of the heat will be extracted from your skin.

Tip 10:

Get yourself some cooling Aloe Gel to lather on to your treated area. This will really help get hat excess heat out of your skin and speed up the healing process.

So getting these 3 essentials (loose clothing, instant cool pack & Aloe cooling gel) will really help you after your laser treatment. Beforehand there are also a few things to keep in mind. You want to make sure the area you’re getting treated is not darker than usual. So keep the area out of the sun and don’t apply any self tanning either. This will definitely help during your treatment as the laser is drawn to anything that’s darker so the fairer your skin, the better. This will help the laser target those hair follicles better and give you better results. Click Here to go to your after laser must-haves.

Tip 11:

Keep the area clean. Make sure to show up to your appointment with no lotion or self-tanner on the area you want to get treated.

Tip 12:

Get yourself a fragrance free lotion for the days after your treatment. Sometimes the area will remain a little sensitive and any product with fragrance in it can give you a stinging sensation. Especially the armpit area won’t react well to deodorant right after your treatment. Keep it free from any spray or roll on deodorant product as it will really hurt. The day after your treatment you should be fine to apply deodorant again.

Tip 13:

Stay away from heat. Like I’ve mentioned before; the skin that’s getting laser treatment will hold on to some heat that went into your skin via the pulsed light. Cooling the area and applying Aloe cooling gel is definitely a must for at least 3 days after your appointment. One more thing that’s really important to keep in mind is to stay away from any added heat like; taking a hot bath or shower; doing any sort of physical labor or fitness. The skin really needs to be cool and able to shed the extra heat it absorbed during your treatment.

When you arrive at your first appointment they will have you read though some papers and have you sign them as well. Make sure to carefully read through them as the laser can sometimes have a bad effect when preformed on people who take certain medication or have certain health issues. A good clinic will always provide you with these papers and have you read through them and answer the questions on them. If you ever find yourself in a clinic that doesn’t do this, you might want to look for another clinic. These laser machines are no joke and when not properly managed can cause really bad results or even injuries.

The Body Parts That Can Be Treated

Like you’ve probably seen under average costs, you can have nearly every part of your body lasered. The advise you not to laser too close to the eyes as the laser can be harmful for them. So make sure to always wear the tinted glasses they provide you with at the clinic.

Tip 14:

Always bring your own sun glasses with you to make sure your eyes will be covered during your laser treatment. 99% of the time the clinic will have special tinted glasses for you to wear  but now with covid they might ask you to wear your own. So just bring your own sunglasses with you to be sure.

Let me list all the body parts you can have Laser Hair Removal done on:

Small Area

  1. Forehead
  2. Sideburns
  3. Upper lip
  4. Chin
  5. Cheeks
  6. Fingers
  7. Toes
  8. Jaw line
  9. Around nipples

Medium Area

  1. Arm pits
  2. Bikini lines
  3. Line on belly that goes towards your belly button
  4. Butt cheeks

Large Area

  1. Full chest
  2. Full back
  3. Arms
  4. Legs
  5. Full Brazilian
  6. Full belly
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Tip 15:

Make sure when you buy a discounted deal online that you’re buying the right size package. I have made the mistake before that I bought a small area deal but I actually need the Large because I wanted the full Brazilian done. (to read more about what the full Brazilian actually is go to chapter 7 for more information).

You can always call the clinic beforehand and ask them what they mean with their small, medium & Large package deals. Not all Clinics will have the same understanding of these areas.


I hope my tips and little ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ chart will help you get an idea of what to expect from At-Home IPL Lasers. For more tips on Laser Hair Removal Click Here. If you have any questions left after reading this article please don’t hesitate to ask them down below in the comments:)

X- Iris G.

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