Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

I’ll Just come out and say it right out of the gate, (did I use that right? I’m Dutch I have no idea..). Anyway here we go: the truth is there is NOT enough evidence to support any claim. Meaning there are no ‘long term’ studies done yet to suggest that it is safe or unsafe to get laser hair removal treatment while being pregnant. So knowing there isn’t enough evidence yet to say it is Unsafe doesn’t mean we should all run to our nearest Laser Hair Removal Clinic while we’re pregnant because many healthcare providers advice against it.

But Why?!

Why would you want to start Laser Hair Removal Treatment while being pregnant you ask? why don’t you just wait till after to do it? Well, a lot of expecting new mothers go through a lot of changes while being pregnant. One of those changes is excess hair growth. And not all women experience the same issues either.



 “and others are really unlucky and turn into a sexy Chewbacca. I’m sorry, I had to.”


Some get more excess hair growth on their entire body and others hardly experience any change with their body hair. Some only notice a difference with their hair on their head and others are really unlucky and turn into a sexy Chewbacca. I’m sorry, I had to. So if that last scenario is reality in your case, I can totally understand you want to get rid of those pregnancy hairs ASAP. Even though those hairs can and will go away after you’ve had the baby. While they’re there you don’t feel like yourself and with all the other changes already going on around you, you just want your body hair to be tamed.


Other Methods

You might want to try other methods of de-hairing yourself.. is that a word? “de-hairing”? I don’t think so but I bet you know exactly what I meant anyway haha. I am just making up words left and right aren’t I.. Well I’m foreign so I’m allowed right?;) Anyway, You could try shaving, waxing or when the hairs are on your face; you could tweeze/pluck them or have them threaded in a salon. I would also stay away from any Nair or other hair removal cream as there is also not enough research done on what the chemicals in those creams could do to an unborn baby.



I know it sucks that there’s no better way to get rid of your ‘Pregnancy hairs’ in an painless quick way. The whole reason I ever started my Laser Hair Removal journey was because I tried my first ever Brazilian WAX… I don’t want to talk about it. I still have nightmares. Anyhow Since then I’ve only ever wanted to de-hair myself in PAINLESS ways. I even one time got a LHR treatment in a clinic and the laser they used was, I think, a Diode, and it hurt so bad I never went back haha. I am such a baby when it come to these types of things.

Speaking about babies, we were discussing other methods of getting rid of our body hair during pregnancy. If you’re not too worried about it I think having your legs lasered while being pregnant isn’t that dangerous. But lasering your pregnant belly would be a NO for me. Just trust the healthcare providers when they said they don’t recommend it but it is ultimately your choice. Maybe get a sugar wax, those tend to be less painful. If all else fails, ask your healthcare provider what they suggest you to do.


Safest Way Might Be The Best Way

Lastly I just want to say, you might be better off choosing for the safer option than to worry about damaging your unborn baby. Wait till after you’ve had the baby to try laser hair removal treatments or at-home devices. And you are totally safe to breastfeed your baby AND get laser hair removal done.. maybe not literally at the same time. At least you can start to get rid of your extra pregnancy hairs immediately after birthing your baby:) you know, when you’re able to walk again and stuff.. Writing this post is really good birth control by the way haha, jokes!

If you do want to check out some at-home Laser Hair Removal devices you can use after giving birth to your little bundle of joy, you can Click Here to read some of my reviews on some of the best LHR tools for at home:)

Any Questions?

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