More Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Here ya go, some more frequently asked questions about laser hair removal. To read the post about the other half of these questions just Click Here. And If you’re still left with any questions I’d love to answer them down in the comment section:) enjoy!

How long does it take to get my body area completely hair free?

Definitely count on a few months rather than weeks, for sure. The time it takes to get to your desired end result is different for in-clinic treatments and home laser treatments. Some home lasers that are a bit more expensive will work a lot faster and can give you very good results, similar to in-clinic treatments. And even though those very effective lasers can be more expansive, you will still safe money by using them instead of going to a clinic. In a clinic, depending on the body part, you’ll definitely spend more than 1500 dollars in total.  And this laser Here, will cost you 1/5 of that. Check this one if you like, its got great reviews.

How many treatments do I need for my skin tone?

So the darker your skin tone the more treatments you’ll probably need. As the laser will be drawn to dark pigment, it will inevitably be absorbed by your skin together with the hair follicle. It’s not impossible to get laser hair removal done if your tanned or slightly darker than tanned. But when we’re talking about a level 5 skin tone darkness it does become rather impossible for the laser to work efficiently. The skin will absorb too much heat from the laser and it can badly effect the skin or even burn it.

Skin Tone / Hair color Chart

Other than that let me show you how long it will possibly take you to be done with your treatments depending on your skin tone and hair color. Keep in mind, really light blonde or red hair will not be treatable with LHR. Sorry:( Also keep in mind that with in-clinic treatments you have to have 6 weeks in between your treatments. With at-home treatments it depends on the laser you’re using but normally you can use any home laser weekly. With this Home laser you will be done in 7 to 8 treatments.

Skin Tone Hair Color In-clinic Results At-home Device Results
Porcelain Dark Blonde


Brown or Black

8 to 10 treatments


5 to 8 treatments

15 to 20 treatments


8 to 15 treatments

Medium Tan Brown or Black 6 to 8 treatments 8 to 15 treatments
Tan Brown/Black 7 to 10 treatments 7 to 12 treatments
Darker up to shade 4

Black 7 to 12 treatments 8 to 15 treatments

Can you get laser hair removal done with white blonde hair?

I already touched on this briefly in the question before this one and the answer is sadly; no. The laser, any laser, needs (darker) pigment to be drawn to and when your hair and its follicle are really light the laser won’t be effective at all unfortunately.

Can you get laser hair removal done on dark skin tones?

I did a whole post on this and there are professional and home lasers especially designed for darker skin tones and they work really well. So make sure when you buy a home laser to read the product description thoroughly before buying to make sure it will be compatible with your skin tone. Or just Click Here to see the home and pro lasers summed up that will be effective on your skin and hair. Keep in mind any skin tone that’s really dark won’t be able to get laser hair removal done. Unfortunately with really dark skin tones the laser will be completely absorbed by the pigment in the skin and won’t make it to the hair follicle. Make sure to check out this post which is completely dedicated to this topic.

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Will my laser treated area be permanently hair-free?

The correct answer to this question is ‘no’. A lot of companies will try to tell you otherwise but your body is always going through different cycles and changes and this effects your hair growth. Think about getting pregnant or going on the pill or when we get older. Our bodies are always changing and so will our hair growth. The best thing to keep in mind is that laser hair removal is semi-permanent. It will definitely show way less hair growth after your last treatment and some areas might even show no hair growth at all. But as we go through our inevitable changes you definitely have to get your annual touch ups done.

After your last treatment you might want to come back every 6 months and just see how your body is reacting to it. Maybe after giving birth your hair will slowly start to grow back again and you’ll need some extra treatments. But I would strongly recommend to buy a home laser for these touch ups as they too can get pretty pricey in clinics. And the area is already been treated so not a whole lot of hair should be growing back and this is a great job for at home lasers and you will safe a lot of money.

Can I wait longer in between treatment?

Simple answer to this question is ‘no’. This will result in you having to get extra treatments and it will not only take longer for you to get to your final end result it will also cost you a great deal more. Try to stick to your treatment plan as closely as you can and if you can’t afford in clinic treatments, which is totally understandable, than I’d recommend to try out a home laser.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The laser light, from a home laser, that goes into your skin is a broadband light in contrast to in-clinic lasers that give of a more direct, concentrated light pulse. This fact also explains why with at-home laser treatments take a little longer than in-clinic ones. The broadband light pulses given off by at-home laser devices target a larger space beneath the surface of the skin. This also means that the laser light doesn’t go as deep as the in-clinic lasers and this is why you need a little more patience with at-home laser use.

Make sure to always wear the safety glasses that came with the laser device. If your home laser didn’t come with any safety glasses, just your average sunglasses you have laying around at home will do too. You can laser parts of your face with a home laser but don’t use it near your eyes, so not by the eyebrows.

All the rest of your face is totally fine as long as you wear some sort of eye protection. Maybe even close your eyes when you laser anything close to your face, just to make sure.

What happens to my treated area when I get pregnant?

While being pregnant your body is going through a lot of changes and this will definitely have an effect on your body’s hair growth. Typically you’ll see that the treated body area will start to show some hair growth while you are pregnant and will even get more once you’ve given birth. My advice would be to wait a couple of weeks after you’ve given birth to pick up again with a few treatments to get that area hair free again and than keep up with the area once every 6 months again until you feel like there’s no hair growth coming through again.

Did I help?

I hope these answered questions has helped you get a better idea about laser hair removal. I hope you will have a positive experience with LHR no matter what technique you choose to go with. In-clinic treatments are really great and will give you awesome results but it might not be within your budget. You can get very similar results with home lasers and especially when you go with a bit more expensive one like the Silk’n one (follow that link to view this laser on Amazon:, which is my all time favorite home laser for laser hair removal.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or want to chare your experience with laser hair removal. I’d love to hear your story!

I hope to see you back again soon!

X- Iris G.

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