Most Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

I thought it would be helpful to list all the most asked questions about laser hair removal in one place. If you’re considering getting laser hair removal done you came to the right place! Here you will find all the home laser devices I’ve reviewed and recommend. Here you can find different topic surrounding Laser Hair Removal. Soak it all up and hopefully I can help you make up your mind about how you want to start you LHR journey. And if, at any point, you have any questions you can just scroll down to the comments section and I will get back to you asap:)

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Can I get LHR on my face?

Yes you can. It is advised though to not have your eyebrows treated with a laser as it is too close to your eyes. But chin, upper lip, sideburns, cheeks or forehead can be treated with a laser. But if you’re wanted to get rid of peach-fuzz, those really blonde thin hairs on your face the laser won’t be effected. The laser works by being drawn to the pigment of your hair root so if your hair root is blonde almost white there is no pigment to absorb the laser heat and nothing will be destroyed. But if you’re experiencing darker hairs growing on your face laser hair removal will work just fine.


“Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done!”


Can I get LHR when I’m pregnant?

As long as it is far away from the belly like your legs, arms or face you should fine to get laser hair removal. Some pregnant people experience more hair growth on their belly. But I would strongly discourage having laser hair removal done on your belly while being pregnant. You can always start LHR right after giving birth if the hairs on your belly are still there.

Can I get a full Brazilian done with LHR?

Yes you can! I have had this done and it was the best thing I’ve ever spend my money on. I initially went to an laser hair removal clinic and had about 8 to 10 treatments. I had so much discomfort when I had to shave down there. I took some breaks in between my laser treatments and that the worse thing you can do because you end up needing more treatments in the end. And this will cost you way more than when you stick with the laser plan they set up for you in the beginning.

What are the average costs of LHR in-clinics?

Everyone’s skin and hair is different so with LHR it isn’t one size fits all. This is also why most Laser Hair Removal clinics don’t display prices on their website. You will always get an interview before hand. It’s a huge red flag when a clinic doesn’t do this so make sure to pay attention to that.

How do I use an at-home Laser Device?

The directions are always provided with the device when you buy it and not all home lasers work the same. But generally speaking you have a button on the top and you can adjust the intensity of the laser. Always start off with the lightest setting to see how it feels on your skin. If you hardly feel anything you can go up in the intensity. It’s support to hurt a little bit but make sure not to burn yourself. Try to avoid any dark spots on you body like birthmarks or freckles.

Even though home lasers are different from in-clinic laser devices they both are drawn to darker pigment. So when you use the laser on a freckle it will absorb all the heat and hurt like h*ll. Believe me I have made that mistake before haha. Also try to adjust the intensity when you move on to other body parts that are naturally a few tints darker than the rest of your skin. Area’s like your arm pit and the bikini area. And lastly, make sure to always wear your tinted protection glasses.

What are the differences between at-home lasers and in-clinic lasers

In-clinic Lasers give off a more focused laser light. At-home lasers have a broadband sort of laser light and will penetrate the skin less deep than the in-clinic lasers. Both work by having the laser get drawn to the darker pigment in the root of the hair and destroying the hair follicle. In-clinic lasers are also a lot stronger than home lasers and you will reach you desired end result a lot faster. That said, in-clinic laser treatments are very, very pricey. In the end, if you have the patience, an at-home laser can give you the same results for a fraction af the price that clinics ask for their services.

Is an At-home IPL laser safe to use?

Make sure to use the home laser device accordingly and don’t start off with the highest level. An at-home laser always comes with directions, so make sure to follow the guide step by step. start off on the lowest setting and just see how it feels. It should hurt a little bit but not too much. You want it to feel like a little sharp pinch but nothing more than that. The lasers I review on this website are all FDA approved so don’t worry, home lasers are completely safe to use.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on which treatment your going for and what body part you’re having treated. With in-clinic treatments you should be done after 6 to 8 treatments with 4 to 6 weeks in between every visit. With at-home IPL lasers it will take a bit longer but at least you’re not paying thousands of dollars. And if you don’t have a lot of patience and you want fast and great results I would suggest to go with this Silk’n one, Click Here to view my review of this laser. That laser will give you results like you’ve been to a clinic and you will be done after 7 to 8 treatments. That’s the fastest out of any home laser I have ever seen or used.

How do I prepare for my laser treatment?

This again depends on what treatment you’re going for. With in-clinic treatments there is a little more preparation and after care needed. Depending on what body area you’re having treated you want to make sure to wear loose fitting clothing as your skin will be a little sore afterwards. Let’s say you’re having that Brazilian done, which I’d done too, you want to shave the day before your treatment. Don’t tan that area not even fake tan.

You want the area to be as light as possible because of the fact that the laser will be drawn to darker pigment. Even if you’re wearing fake tan in that area your skin will absorb the heat a lot more and less heat will go into your skin and less hair follicles will be destroyed resulting in you needing more treatments and having to spend more too.

The After care with in-clinic treatments is really important too. Afterwards your skin can look a little red-ish and can feel rather sensitive and hot. I’d recommend to buy those instant cool packs to bring to your appointment so you can put the ice pack on the treated area on you ride home. Sometimes I would forget to bring one and I would buy a cold drink at a gasstation and put it in between my legs haha, works really well so that’s always an option too. For the full aftercare starter pack I suggest to Have A Look Here.

How should I take care of my skin after my LHR treatment?

You want to buy a (at least 99%) Aloe cooling gel and put that on the body part to extract some of the heat that got stuck under the skin from the laser. You also want to avoid putting any sort of heat on the treated area. So don’t take a hot shower or bath right after the treatment, don’t workout because you will get hot and sweaty and your skin should be trying to loose that heat. Try that cool pack and aloe gel for at least the day of. Then afterwards you want to keep on putting the aloe on the area until you don’t see any redness and don’t feel any heat or sensitiveness anymore. To look at the products mentioned in this paragraph Click Here.

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