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I will update you of all the best DEALS of right NOW, At-Home IPL Lasers and in-clinic treatments. These deals sometimes only last a few days or weeks and I don’t want you to mis ANY!

I am just a customer like yourself, with a little extra time on my hands to build this website and provide you with some real information and real experiences to help you make your decision. I remember looking for a LHR tool like these ones and wanting some ‘no-BS’ information about the products that are out there. So here you go and take notes:)


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Best Deals of Right Now!

The Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device

The 20% off deal has sadly ended for now but I will keep you updated when this item has another deal going on. In the mean time you’ll have to pay the same price for it as I did and we can be sad together haha. But also HAPPY and hairless together! hehe! So let’s get in to some of the details of this beauty!



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6 Modes & 2 Lamps

This at-home Laser Hair Removal device has 6 functions of hair removal:

  1. Arms/hands mode
  2. Legs, underarms mode
  3. Facial mode
  4. Private/bikini area mode, for this mode there’s a different lens attachment.
  5. SR mode. SR mode is rejuvenation and whitening of your skin. There is a special lens for this particular mode which you will need to switch out and use.
  6. Everything else you can use the standard lens that’s attached to the device.

If you want to read my FULL REVIEW and get all the information and facts about this amazing laser then Click Here:)



Laser Hair Removal DEESS Ice Cool IPL

This hair removal tool uses, like many other LHR tools, an IPL technology. IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light, in other words a ‘flashy light thingy’. The ‘intense pulsed light’ targets the melanin in the hair shaft through the skin surface. WARNING! – Always wear sunglasses when you use any IPL tool to protect your eyes from the flash.

This laser is the only laser I could find with this 3 in 1 system. With this Laser Hair Removal tool you’re not only able to target unwanted hair growth but also rejuvenate you skin or use the third lamp option for the Acne treatment. I don’t know about you but I find that highly fascinating haha. It’s easy to use and has amazing reviews. If you’re looking for an at-home tool which targets multiple aspects of skin treatments, this is the tool for you!

For my in depth review on this DEESS LHR tool Click Here←

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

The FIDAC IPL Laser With 999,999 Flashes

This is the exact LHR tool I have used for the last 12 months. It is my First at home tool I ever purchased. I have previously had Laser Hair Removal done in several different clinics who’ve also used different kinds of laser equipment. If you’re interested in reading more about in-clinic professional lasers they use Click Here.

This at-home laser has 999,999 flashes stored so it’ll probably last you a life time. You can use it very vigilant the first few weeks and months to get the desired results. And after that you can still use the same tool to maintain the area’s you previously treated. Your body WILL try to recover some of the hair follicles that the laser has destroyed. So you maintaining the treated areas is a must.

For my in depth review on this Fasbruy LHR tool Click Here←

↓My Personal Favorite For Beginners

Braun IPL Hair Removal Silk Expert Pro with 400,000 Flashes

The Braun IPL LHR tool is a great laser for beginners or people who often forget to adjust the laser to other part of their body. To clarify: this IPL laser has a sensoradaptTM skin sensor which means that the laser adapts to your skin tone. Why is this important? Some parts of your body are darker than others. For instance my legs are a lot lighter than my inner thigh close to my bikini area. With other at-home lasers this can result in burning yourself because you forget to change the intensity level when you go from you leg to your bikini area. This laser measures the skin tone and automatically adapts the intensity of the laser flash. This will prevent a lot of people from accidentally burning themselves.

For my in depth review on this Braun LHR tool Click Here←

INNZA IPL Laser With 999,000 Flashes

This Laser Hair Removal Tool is a great fit for people who don’t want to spend too much money on a LHR tool. Although this laser is shown a lot more prominent on the Amazon search page, I would maybe go for this one Click Here→ because it has more reviews on Amazon and they’re really positive. Both are easy to use and have a lot of flashes stored. If you know your way around Laser Hair Removal tools and know you have to adjust the intensity when the body area you want to treat is darker, this is a great fit for you.

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↓My ALL-TIME Favorite

Silk’n Infinity – At Home Permanent Hair Removal Tool

This At Home Laser Hair Removal tool is the only tool that I could find that will give you the same results as in-clinic treatments. In a laser hair removal clinic you usually end up spending over $2000 in treatments and maintenance treatments. So even though this at home tool is a little more expensive than the others the results are the best in the shortest amount of time and effort. It will take 7 treatments to get to most of the hair follicles.

For my in depth review on this Silk’n LHR tool Click Here←

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  1. Hi Iris, thank you for sharing this amazing content. I wish I can see the price of this laser removal, pls kindly let me know.PS> how long it takes to make never grow back?

    • Hi Ariana, LOVE your name btw! You should be seeing multiple Amazon Products linked on my home page with image and the one I tried is also linked in a direct URL on the home page too. when you want to know more about my experience with that particular laser you can go to “at home products” it took me 6 months to get the best result with this one. This at home laser tool comes with a very clear discription of how and how often you should use it.
      please let me know if any of my advise worked and if you have more questions I’ll be here!


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