Should I Shave Before Laser Hair Removal

Let me start by answering your question; Yes you should  shave before your Laser Hair Removal treatment. If you want some more information from a ‘laser hair removal veteran’ (me, Iris G.) on how to prepare for your LHR treatment, then stick around bestie!:). Maybe I’m a little too old to call people ‘bestie’.. That’s more a Gen-Z kind a thing right? I’m a Gen-Y. Don’t get me started, I already feel ancient!

Let Me Help You Prep!

When you’re going to get your laser hair removal done in a clinic they usually advice you to shave 1 day before your treatment. I’ve had a little over 10 treatments done in (3 different) LHR clinics and I want to help you get better results by telling you about my personal experience with those treatments. I’ve also used several different LHR tools for at-home use but that’s a whole other story. To read my reviews on those LHR at-home tools Click Here. But to know how to properly prepare for you LHR appointment, keep reading.

Shaving, but When & How..

They tell you to shave 1 day in advance to your LHR removal treatment. So for the first few treatments I shaved 1 day before my appointment. I noticed that after a week or so, post laser treatment, my hair would start to want to grow out a little. But if you used a rather new razor and shaved pretty close to your skin before your treatment, chances are your skin has grown over your shaved hairs. Because these hairs are sort of loose in their follicle, they’re having trouble poking through the skin, like they normally would.

Ingrown Hairs

Normally after you’ve shaved you might get some ingrown hairs but most will just grow through the skin and are fine. But after your LHR appointment, a lot of those hair follicles have been shocked and destroyed by the laser, so they’re not attached to the root of the hair anymore. The hairs that did poke through the skin will eventually just fall off. But what happened to me was, I had so many hairs not being able to poke through my skin, they just sat there under my skin, loose but stuck. So I hade to dig them out. That’s not what you want, right?

To prevent this from happening to you, I have a really simple solution:

Shave at least 2 days before your appointment instead of 1 day. This gives your hair the time to grow out a tiny bit and poke through your skin. So when you’ve had your LHR treatment done, they’ll just be able to fall off easily without you having to dig into your skin to free them. Depending on how fast your hair grows you want to plan your shaving sesh. If your hair normally grows pretty slow you might even want to shave 3 days before your appointment. Does you hair grow rather fast? You can keep it like they’ve recommended on 1 day prior to your LHR treatment. The goal is to have at least the tips of your shaved hairs poke through your skin, before your treatment, to prevent them getting stuck under your skin.

Did I Help?

I really hope I helped, and you found this PROR to your [first] Laser Hair Removal appointment. To get to know more about what I recommend you to do and use after your LHR appointment Click Here! And if this post left you with any questions let me know down below in the comments. I also love any other advice or your personal experience on this topic:) Come say ‘hi’ in the comments! I love communicating with you all!


X- Iris G.

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