Silk’n Flash&Go Express, IPL Laser Review

I’ve been using this home IPL laser for 4 months now and I thought this was the perfect time to tell you about my experience with it. I’ve been using it on my legs and bikini area. I have to add that I’ve already had laser treatments done in a clinic for my bikini area.

This laser has 300,000 flashes stored which means you’d never have to replace this device and you can use it on every body part for as long as you like or need. I like that I can use this tool till I see almost no hair growing back and than only have to use it intermittently thereafter to maintain the area.

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Just A few Facts About The Silk’n Flash & Go

  • This device not only eliminates hair growth but also rejuvenate the skin.
  • Like said above it has 300,000 flashes stored, for a lifetime of use.
  • This IPL laser has 5 level settings
  • The treatment with this device is painless
  • This laser gives permanent results
  • Will give you your end result in 15 weeks
  • You only need 8 treatments to reach your goal end result
  • You will have to treat your skin bi-weekly

The Process

I want you to know what you’re in for. SO I thought it would be nice to know the process and what to expect of this laser device

Week one. In the first week you’ll notice slower hair growth after your first laser treatment.

Week three. After your second treatment you’ll notice your hair to grow back a little thinner.

Week five. After your third treatment you can experience some hairless patches. You can also now increase the level on the device.

Week seven. You will experience even more hairless spots on your treated area. After your fourth treatment you can change your treatment schedule from once every 2 weeks to once a week. You can also go up on the levels on the device.

Week nine. After your fifth treatment you will notice that your hair will not be growing back at all. You might only see some peach fuzz hairs instead of the darker thicker hairs. Don’t stop in this fase. You want to eliminate the hair completely so keep going.

Week eleven. After your sixth treatment you might think you’ve reached your end result but don’t be fooled. Keep treating your area every week and keep increasing the levels. Just feel how the levels feel on your skin. It needs to hurt a little but not too much. Keep treating the skin every week. Don’t just treat the area’s that still have some hair growth, make sure to keep treating the entire area.

Week Thirteen. After your 7th treatment you will experience barely any hair growth. Keep going to reach your desired end result.

Week fifteen. After your eighth treatment you will finally have reached your end result of having no hair growth on the treated area at all.

There You Go!

Now you have smooth hairless skin for only a fraction of the price that you would’ve paid in a clinic. Keep in mind that every body’s body is different and everyone has different type of hair. A complete hair growth cycle is 18 to 24 months, so keep the area under observation. Keep treating the area till you see absolutely no hair growth.

I hope this information has helped you make a decision about this IPL laser.

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X- Iris G.

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