Silk’n Infinity IPL At-Home Laser Hair Removal Tool

Silk’n Infinity – At Home Permanent Hair Removal Tool


This At Home Laser Hair Removal tool is the only tool that I could find that will give you the same results as in-clinic treatments. In a laser hair removal clinic you usually end up spending over $2000 in treatments and maintenance treatments. So even though this at home tool is a little more expensive than the others the results are the best in the shortest amount of time and effort.


  • It will only take 7 treatments till most of your hair won’t grow back. That is an amazing fact seen as normally these kinds of results are only reachable through in-clinic laser treatments.
  • After only 8 treatments you already should have reached your goal of permanent hair reduction. You need to maintain the treated area’s because your body will try to heal the hair follicles and produce new hairs. But maintaining is a lot less effort than the initial treatment.
  • This tool uses an eHPL technology hat opens your pores for better and faster results. Other LHR tools for at-home use do not have this Technology


  • You pay a little more for faster and better results


If you have a little more to spend but you don’t want to spend over $2000 on in-clinic treatments but you DO want fast results this is the best pick for you!


If you have any questions about this Silk’n Infinity IPL at-home Laser, please let me know and comment down below:) If you’re not sure this is the laser for you, you can browse around and learn about other at-home lasers Click Here

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