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Oh boy, Am I excited to start telling you about this topic! I LOOOOOVE skin care and everything about it. And why is Skin Care important in relation to Laser Hair Removal? Well the lasers stress out your skin and slightly irritate it. We want to calm it back down and help nurture it back to its glowy, dewy, healthy self. I am super excited to incorporate Skin Care into this website because it is just so so important and there are a lot of myths and BAD products out there. And I’m here to help you avoid those and start making better decisions about skin care products and you’ll probably save some money in the process too!



Skin Care – A Love Story…

My first encounter with skin care knowledge came about when I ran into this guy → Skin Care by Hyram  He taught me SO MUCH about skin care and what ingredients to avoid and which ones to go for. From that point on my love for skin care only grew bigger and bigger over time. I started to see fast results after using the products he recommended. But it took me a long time to go through every YouTube video of his to get to know about the right products within my price range (cheap;) and for my skin (combination skin). So I wanted to create a space where people could have a quick look and find ALL the needed to know before buying anything ‘skin care’ related.


“You Just Want The Facts & The Products, no bla bla BS”

I Gotchu!

So if you’re like me and don’t want to sit through hours and hours worth of video’s and just want to know about good products that are easily accessible and reasonably priced? Then stick around! Because I’m gonna give you all the BEST PRODUCTS and all the BASIC easy to understand information so you can go out there and take care of your own skin with confidence! I remember standing in front of the endless skin care aisle, before I had any knowledge of what to choose, and just getting lost in it all. If you feel like that, you came to the right place my friend! I am so happy you’re here!



Must Haves For Every Skin Type

I know we all have different skin types, even though I feel like the majority of people has a combination skin. But don’t worry I will provide skin care information and best products for EVERY SKIN TYPE. The following products can be used with every type of skin and if I have any concerns about a product not being suitable for certain skin types or skin conditions I will always make a NOTE in my product description. You can also have a look in the ‘drop down’ menu under the ‘Skin Care’ menu, to see more specific topics you might find useful.



I always do my best to find you the best deals and products. When you decide to purchase anything through my website I, as an affiliate of amazon, might get a small commission. This doesn’t change anything on your end, so no extra charges:) To read the full affiliate disclosure Click Here.



This 12 Ounce CeraVe Moisturizer Is only $11,49 and is my all time favorite! I use it on my face every day and my whole entire body. It’s a basic, unscented moisturizer that can be used with any skin type. It absorbs quickly into the skin and has a light watery feel to it. If you want a more in depth review of this lotion Click Here. If you have a REALY DRY skin this moisturizer might not do enough for you. Then I would recommend this #1 Bestseller SeraVe Moisterizer for Dry Skin

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This Serum($16,41), from one of my favorite skin care brands: ‘The Ordinary’ is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It brings moisture into the skin and locks it in. To make sure your skin gets the maximum amount of moister into it I’d recommend to wet your skin slightly, before putting this product on. It locks in the extra moisture. Some people think they have dry skin but what they really have  is dehydrated skin. How to know if your skin is just dry or lacking moisture, Click Here.


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Did you know there were 2 types of exfoliation: there’s physical exfoliation and Chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation isn’t the best thing to do to your skin, as it can damage the top layer of your skin. Rather use chemical exfoliation, as it is a lot more effective and safer for your skin.  Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Chemical Exfoliation is THE BEST product when it comes to chemically exfoliating your skin. It’s a leave on product that you put on at night time before bed, without washing it off. This little bottle is only $10,00 And even though it appears small it will last you a very long time. My last one lasted 12 months.




There’s More

There are many, many more products I want to tell you about and recommend to you. But It would get a mess on here if I would jus throw them all together. So I’ve divided them into subcategories: Cleansers, Moisturizers, Serums & Sunscreens. You can find all the TOP products and my personal opinion of them in the drop down menu under ‘Skin Care’.

Thank You

Thank you so much for visiting my website, I am so excited you’re here! If you’re interested in learning more about Laser Hair Removal, then have a little browse around on here.

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