Slightly Off Topic

Here I will pop down anything that’s NOT related to Laser Hair Removal. I love creating content and when someone tells me to stay on topic I just kind of have to NOT listen to that. So it might be absolutely counterproductive but to be real with you, I really DGAF:) I enjoy all sorts of things in life and I want to share them all with You; my lovely readers<3

I hope you are just as scatter headed as I am & will enjoy this little dump of random Articles written by Yours Truly, Moi!


X- Iris G.



I love sharing my online business journey with y’all (even though I’m Dutch, I love to throw in a “Y’all” ad random. I started this website only recently and already learned so much. And I just know there are more people out there who would love to work from home instead of for a boss. Can you imagine to not have to leave your house and kids or pets and still make enough money to support your family. That’s my dream and I want to share it with y’all and maybe inspire one or two people along the way to come join me in becoming financially independent. From the comfort of your own home. Your own couch. Or, if you’re like me, from your bed. I have a chronic illness and countless failed attempts have taught me I just can’t work in the conventional way.



Is that Random Enough for Ya?

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