Best Skin Care Products For Men

I talk a lot about skin care but never really specifically skin care for men. Men’s skin can be really different from women’s skin so I thought I would dedicate today’s Article to Skin Care For Men!:) When you see a product you like, just click on the image and it will take you to … Read more

Best Face Serum Women

Serums, Oh how I love you! Shockingly I only started using serums in my skin care routine since about 5 years ago. I was a 2 maybe 3 skin care product kinda girl, up until I got into skin care. I started to do my research and took a deep-dive into the actual ingredients and … Read more

Safe Ingredients In Skin Care Products

It can be a jungle out there, and for some or most; a confusing jungle too. What ingredients to look out for, which ones are safe, which ones are harmful… If you didn’t go to school for it how are we, “simple folk”;), to know what to look for. Well, I am here to the … Read more

Botox Wrinkle Patches, Are They Worth It?

I wanted to share this product with you! I love it, these are (fairly low priced) wrinkle smoothing botox patches. Just pop them on for a few hours or while you’re sleeping and it works really well, considering the low pricing. I like how this gives me the same (instant) results as botox, without actually … Read more

What Is Niacinamide For?

Niacinamide is one of my favorite skin care ingredients. I have several products, which I use daily, that contain this magical brightening agent. That might already answer your question. What does Niacinamide actually do? Without getting too technical and without using confusing ‘ingredient expert vocabulaire’; Niacinamide brightens the skin. Making it more one skin tone, … Read more

What Is The Korean Skin Care Routine

If you are not implementing Korean Skin Care products or methods into your daily routine, Whatcha Doin’ Girl?! You are missing out BIG time! It’s clean, simple and reasonably priced. Once I started to learn more about skin care, in general, I noticed one common factor. Every skin care influencer or blogger wouldn’t shut up … Read more