The Best Skin Care Products For Combination Skin

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I love, love, loove skin care and I just wanted to list all my skin care favorites. I am just going to dump all of my favorites in one place, right here. I will be listing all sorts of skin products, from serums to toners and SPF creams etc. I will list them in logical order from the first steps in my skin care routine to the very last. They are all very affordable with just only one exception;)

Ok, Let’s Dive In!

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My Favorite Cleansers

Simple Gentle Cleanser

This is the cleanser I have used for the longest amount of time, maybe 5 years in a row, this was my one and only. It is a Soap Free Gentle Cleanser and is like it says very kind to your skin. Not stripping at all. Leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. Great for oily to combination skin I would say.

Naturium Niacinamide

After using the Simple Gentle Cleanser for so long I wanted to venture out to something new and landed on this beauty. I really love this cleanser. A little goas a long way and it feels really great on your skin. It is not too stripping and I think also a very gentle cleanser, similar to the Simple one.

CeraVe SA Cleanser

Once I moved back to the Netherlands From the US I couldn’t get the Naturium Cleanser anymore and started to use this one from SeraVe. I still also use the Simple cleanser, also as a shower gel. But I get a rather oily T-zone and this cleanser is really great for oily to combination skin. Even though it contains Salicylic Acid, which is a chemical exfoliant, this cleanser isn’t too stripping either. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or pulling. I also use it together with my scrubby shower gloves to scrub off my fake tan haha. It works really well and leave my skin really soft and clean.

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 Favorite exfoliators

The Ordinary 30% AHA + 2% BHA

This is a very strong chemical exfoliant. Please use with caution. Don’t put too much of this stuff on your face and only leave it on for ten minutes. You shouldn’t use it more than once a week. Also make sure to not use it if you have a lot of broken skin from acne or cuts. I only use this chemical peel on my T-zone. This part of my face is a lot more oily than the rest of my face. The pores of my nose get clogged up pretty fast and my skin there will feel a little bumpy whenever I haven’t used this product in a while. After I’ve used this stuff my skin feels heavenly smooth and looks so even and glowing. If you use this chemical exfoliant accordingly it can really improve the texture, look and feel of your skin.

Paula’s Choice

When you don’t want to use a strong chemical exfoliant like the product above, this Pala’s Choice exfoliant is a much better choice. I, personally, use both these exfoliants. The one above I will use whenever my T-zone gets a bit bumpy and overly oily. But this Paula’s Choice product is a more every day kind of product. This exfoliant is also a much better choice if you have a more sensitive skin. This is a leave on product so just dab some on a cotton round and sweep across your face or just the area you feel needs some exfoliating. Do note that if you wear any fake tan, like me, it will come off, all of it haha, just so you’re aware. This is also why I don’t use this every day or all over my face. The same as the Ordinary exfoliant, I just use this product on my T-zone.

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My Favorite Masks

Simple Sheet Mask

I’m not really big on face masks, I don’t use them that often. That said, this sheet mask from Simple is one of the best things I’ve ever used the rehydrate my skin. I tend to use this mask whenever my skin needs a little extra hydration. Like whenever I have to take a long flight, my skin tends to get really dry and using this sheet mask during my flight really rescues my skin from getting really dry and itchy. Or maybe I’ve got a sunburn or just need a little extra hydration overal, this mask will tak care of my skin so so well, and it is really cheap:) so happy masking y’all!

My Favorite Toners

IsnTree Green Tea Toner

I love Korean skin care and this toner is really good and hydrating as well. I never really used a toner before because I didn’t really see or feel the need for this extra step in my skin care routine. But I love taking that time for myself and take care of my skin so adding this little extra step in my routine was very welcome. I think it just adds a little to the whole experience and it helps the rest of your skincare products sink into your skin a lot better. I did see some improvement in my complexion after adding this step to my routine. So I highly recommend you do as well. If you don’t use a toner right now, maybe try it out for yourself and see what it will do for your skin.

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My Favorite Serums

Ok, you have a minute? Haha, I love serums and they are by far my favorite step in my skin care routine. I don’t know why but something about putting on a good serum just feels so good and has really made a huge improvement in my skin, visibly and texture-wise. There are many many more serums I would love to show you but I think I will make a separate post about literally every serum I would recommend:)

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

Great, great, great serum. This serum is all about hydration and really plumbs up your skin. It is like a tall glass of water for your skin. It feels so great to put on your skin. And after you put this on your skin you can feel your skin drink in the hydration. I advise you to wet your skin slightly before putting on this serum as hyaluronic Acid will bring outside hydration into the skin.

Naturium Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a great ingredient and I use it every day. Niacinamide reduces the appearance of your pores and I use it mainly on my T-zone as my pores there are a lot bigger than the rest of my face. Niacinamide also helps regulate the oil production in your pores. I have a slightly oily T-zone so I use this product on my T-zone every day.

Naturium Vit C

Vitamin C is great to help even out your complexion. It brightens up your complexion plus any dark spots you may h ave from the sun or from acne scarring.

Propolis + Niacinamide

Like I’ve said before, I love Korean skin care and I recently picked up this little golden nugget. This is niacinamide and propolis in one and those are really great ingredients. Propolis has a really great healing property and combined with the niacinamide I think this is one of the best serums out there.


My Favorite Moisturizers

My absolute favorite! I used to use really expensive day and night cream and my skin was never really happy and pretty oily overall. When I switched to this light unscented lotion my skin improved tremendously. I use this lotion, not just for my face, but my whole entire body. I mix my tanning drops in there to give me a nice healthy glow.

Tanning Drops For A Healthy Glow

My Favorite SPF’s

My all time favorite SPF. It is a very light lotion with a matte finish so it is really great for combination to oily skin. If you have more dry skin this very light SPF might not be hydrating enough. This next one might be a better fir for your skin.

This 50+ SPF is really great for dry to sensitive skin.

My Favorite BB Creams

This BB cream comes in 3 colors and offers UV protection. It gives a light coverage so it’s not a heavy foundation, just a light spot of color to even out your complexion.

There You  Go!

I hope you enjoyed this little list of great skin care products. I love and use every single one of these products on a daily basis and highly recommend any and every single one of them. If you have any questions about these products let me know in the comments down below ok? And if you like my website and maybe it inspired you to make one for yourself, I have this really great free training that walks you through every step to build your own online business, one just like this:) Just Click Here, to start your free training!

X- Iris G.

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