The Methods of Tattoo Removal

I regretfully can admit to having some experience in tattoo removal. The method I chose to remove it was with laser treatment. I visited a cosmetic clinic where they used professional lasers to laser away my tattoo. And YES it hurt like a M*thrf%kr! I haven’t birthed a child yet but for me this was the most painful cosmetic treatment I’ve ever done. I am not super comfortable discussing what the tattoo was that I had removed. But let’s just say I was grateful it was only a small one. It was however placed on my ribcage and apparently that’s one of the more painful areas to have laser removal treatment done. Yay for me.

Method 1, Laser

Ok, so how does it work? I won’t go into too much detail because I hate reading long pieces of content and I bet you do too. Laser Tattoo Removal works by destroying the ink that’s imbedded into the top and lower layers of your skin. It starts by shocking the ink pigment to the point it scatters into little pieces. Those fragments of ink will then be processed by your lymph nodes. That’s why you have to wait 6 weeks in between treatments. Your body can then naturally get rid of the scattered ink in your skin. It cleans it up if you will.

“Think long and hard before you get a tattoo, because it might cost you an arm and a leg to get rid of it.”

Some people have a lot bigger tattoos they want to get rid off and I’m sorry if that’s you. Because it will cost you a fortune and hurt like h*ll… At the time I had this laser treatment done I still lived in the Netherlands and I would pay per visit. The costs were about 70 Euro’s, today that would translate into $83,00. This would be per session and I had a treatment every 6 weeks. It took me about 10 treatments to get rid of all the ink (pigment) in my skin.



Method 2, Surgery

An other way to get rid of your tattoo is by having it surgically removed. This is a lot more invasive than the laser method. For a small tattoo it might be a good way to remove it. it is rather time efficient. How it works is simple: they will cut along the tattoo lines and sew you back up. Of course you can’t do this with every type of tattoo. Plus you will be left with a scar. With Laser treatments it takes up to at least a year till you see the end results. (depending on your tattoo). And with ‘end results’ I mean that you can NOT see any trace of the tattoo anymore. So It takes a little longer but you won’t be left with a scar or mark at all.  In the end I was pretty impressed and happy with my results.

Method 3, Dermabrasion

When I read about this technique, a shiver went down my spine. This method uses extreme exfoliation to get rid of your tattoo. Depending on how deep the tattoo needle went into your skin when it was created, this method might not be for you. In my case the laser treatments had to go on a lot longer than the clinic had anticipated because my tattoo, even though it was really small, was tattooed really deep into my skin. The placement of your tattoo also plays a role in what method of removal suits you best. When your tattoo is on a body part that doesn’t have bone right under it like your ribs, this dermabrasion method could be a suitable way to remove your tattoo.

Average Cost of Tattoo Removal in USA

Laser: So in America I’ve noticed you rarely have the ability to pay per visit with these kinds of in-clinic treatments. They make you pay for like a bundle of treatments but I guess you could figure out some sort of payment plan if the total price is above your budget. You’ll probably come down to $100 – $300 per treatment for about 6 to 12 months depending on the type of tattoo you have and the size.

Surgery: This is probably the most expensive way to remove your tattoo. Some people can’t get rid of their entire tattoo by laser or dermabrasion so what’s left is surgery. It will cost you about $800 per treatment.

Dermabrasion: The cost of this method is also rather pricey, starting from $300 to 500 per treatment. Your total cost wil be well over a couple thousand dollars.


Think long and hard before you get a tattoo. Because it might cost you an arm and a leg to get rid of it. You can always wait in between treatments to save up some money and pick it back up again when you have a little more saved. It won’t effect the process, your tattoo won’t magically reappear again over time. As apposed to laser hair removal, where your hair DOES start to grow back and recover; when you interrupt your treatments and wait too long to start back up again.


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