Top Gift Ideas For Women

You want to give your loved ones unique gifts that will surprise them and put a bog smile on their face. It can be quite hard to think of such unique gifts so I thought I would lend a heling hand so you can be the star of the evening and make your family love you even more! 

This gift guide is for women but stay tuned as I will make another gift guide post especially for men as well.

Number One

Not only because my website revolves around this product but mostly because every woman undoubtedly wants one; an IPL hair laser!

Here I will list my top 3 IPL home laser in prize range order. Just click on the image of the laser and you will be taken to the item on amazon:)



This very affordable home IPL laser stores 999,000 flashes which is enough to last you a lifetime. You can use it on your whole entire body and your face. After 8 to 12 weeks 90% of your hair growth will be eliminated.



This IPL laser device stored 500,000 flashes and has a medium price. You can use it on any body part also the face. Make sure to use the protection goggles when using this IPL laser.



This laser has been the customers’ favorite choice for quite some time. It’s a little pricier but definitely worth your money. It’s highly effective in eliminating hair growth on any body area. This FDA approved laser will last you a lifetime and won’t lose any of its effectiveness over time. With this laser you don’t have to wear any safety goggles.

Number two

Most women I know have quite some jewelry laying around and wouldn’t it be neat to have them all organized in one space. I have one like this jewelry box myself and absolutely love it. Finally my jewelry isn’t getting tangled up anymore and I always know where to find them.

Jewelry Box

Number Three


Gold Necklace

Happy Holidays!

X- Iris G

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