Wax vs Laser Hair Removal

The big question; should I choose waxing or Laser Hair Removal? My personal opinion is that laser hair removal gives a lot better results if you want to area to be completely hair free. Even though Laser Hair Removal can become pretty pricey, you will save more money if you choose LHR. The appointments add up when you go in for your waxing sessions and you will end up paying more money than when you put your money towards Laser Hair Removal.

Your hair growth will get less when you get waxed regularly but when you stop all those hair roots to repair themselves and you will have the same hair growth as before.

And yes the laser hair removal will hurt but not as much as waxing, I have had a full Brazilian done with waxing and it was the worst experience ever! it hurt so so bad. And yes the laser also hurts but it goes a lot quicker and it won’t hurt afterwards.


How long will it take for either of the treatments to get your body area hair free. Well it’s hard to compare the two in this aspect. Although waxing will eventually reduce your hair growth, it’s not designed to eliminate hair growth all together. Laser hair removal on the other hand is designed to eliminate all hair growth so it’s easier to pinpoint the moment that you have reached your desired end result. It takes years of waxing before it really starts to reduce your hair growth. You can be done with LHR treatments within 6 months.

So time-wise you’ll reach your desired end result quicker and better with laser hair removal.

LHR At Home

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