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Maybe you’ve been doing your research for a while now, trying to figure out how you can leverage your own piece of the online goldmine. But there is so much information out there and most of it is too hard to understand for a true online marketer virgin. Let me help you understand this side of the internet and help you get your own part of the puzzle. So what about Affiliate Marketing Programs? There are thousands of them. Some with a really broad scale of offers. Some who focus more on a specific niche but still offer a wide range of products and services within that niche. And others that are very narrowed down to their niche, which would only be useful to you when you also operate within that same niche. I can hear you think; ‘ok hold up, I don’t even know what a “niche” is, let alone understand what the last few sentences meant…’


“If you’re looking for information, you will always find it. Knowing what to do with that information is a skill only great training can teach you”


Let Me Explain

When you step into the world of ‘Online Marketing’ it can be really overwhelming. So many words you’ve never heard of. So many platforms offering you information. and so, so many scammers to try and trick you into believing that they’re the only ones with that secret formula to online succes. Never get fooled when someone like that crosses your path. There are no secrets in the world of the online. So if you’re looking for information, you will always find it. Knowing what to do with that information is a skill only great training can teach you. And again, when people or websites try to tell you you need to invest thousands of dollars into their training, you’re still getting scammed. If you want to learn what to do with all that information out there and how to use that information to build a profitable online affiliate business? Click Here. This is the exact training I did and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. The whole training is FREE.

Stick around if you want some basic information before you start your training so you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about! 

What Is An Affiliate?

In other words ‘affiliate’ means ‘an official attachment’. 

Example: You are looking for a great ‘home hair laser removal tool’ and you type into google; “top 5 best home laser hair removal tools”. You want to be able to look at a few different products to compare them and see what other people have to say about them. You’ll come across my website for instance and see I have multiple reviews written on home laser tools. Go ahead and have a look at some of my reviews to see what that looks like[click the green link].

You would have seen some images showing you the product with text around it with facts and my own opinion and experience. Based on that information you might be able to make your decision. If not, you’ll keep browsing the internet till you do.

Let’s say you clicked on one of those ‘laser tool images’ that took you to Amazon and you ended up buying that particular item [or anything else]. I would get a small percentage of that sale. Without increasing the price of the item(s) at all.

But How Does That Work?

How does Amazon know that you found that home laser through my website? I as an ‘affiliate marketer’ have signed up to Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Meaning those links and images I use in my review have been hand selected by me through my affiliate account. My account is linked to that product from the moment you clicked on it on my website. I don’t make much money off of one person purchasing one item. So my goal is to get more traffic to my website, to eventually generate more income.

So What About Other Affiliate Programs?

Not only Amazon gives you the ability to earn yourself an income through offering people your opinion or review of their items. There are other Affiliate Programs offering similar and other items & services.

Have a look at these:

  • eBay Partner Network.
  • ShareASale.
  • GiddyUp.
  • M4trix Network.
  • ClickBank.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • PartnerStack.
  • Fiverr.


Don’t go to enroll in those programs just yet! I made the mistake to sign up to half of these “top” affiliate programs when I first started my website. What I didn’t know was that those programs actually have to approve you first before you can become their affiliate. And the result in my case was that I got denied by most of them. Later I found out that was because they visited my website to verify me as a legitimate affiliate marketer and my website wasn’t even a week old. Don’t make that same mistake.

So if I can give you one advice before you dive into the world of online marketing is; to follow the steps, one by one and don’t get ahead of yourself because you might regret it later.

What Are Those Steps?

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Build a website
  3. Create content
  4. Create more content
  5. Apply to a few Affiliate Programs and wait to get approved
  6. Apply appropriate product links in your post that align with your niche
  7. Repeat the process till you generate enough income before you start a new website about another niche.

What’s a Flippen’ Niche?

Yes! Great question! You’ll want to know what that is before you start your training at Wealthy Affiliate or anywhere for that matter. Basically the term “Niche” is another word for “specific branche.” I mean, that’s how I like to explain it. You can also look at it as a name for everything and anything. A niche can be literally anything. 

Example: the Niche I choose for my website is: ‘At-Home Laser Hair Removal Tools’. Which is very specific and yes I could’ve made it easier on myself and choose a broader subject like ‘Beauty’, but that wouldn’t be considered a ‘Niche’.

Think of ‘Niche’ being a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

How do I Know What Niche to Choose?

Think about what interests you have. Think about what subject you might know a little about. The rest you can always research, as long as you do have some interest and basic knowledge of it. Ideally you want to choose something you’re either excited or passionate about. If you have non of those, just pick something you wouldn’t mind writing about. Because one thing is sure, when you start your online business is that you ARE going to have to write a lot of content about something or other. 

Example: You like outdoor adventures like camping, hiking or fishing. You could make a website targeting all three of those. But chances are your website won’t be found by people because the information your offering is too broad. When people google something it’s usually something specific like; ‘what kind of bait do I use to catch a bladiebla type of fish’ (sorry I have no knowledge in this department at all haha). people never really google; ‘tell me about hiking, fishing and camping’.  See what I mean?

You have to think about your audience and provide them content which can help them. Or answer their questions. 

Did I help?

I hope I have answered some of your questions. I also kind of hope I left you with more. Why? Because when I started looking for a good and reliable training platform, I finally got all my answers! I almost payed a few thousand dollars for a training somewhere else but luckily I found Wealthy Affiliate before I got scammed. The training on Wealthy Affiliate is completely Free from A to Z. I decided to Upgrade to Premium after the first week into the free training, for more perks and tools. But you don’t necessarily need those right away, I was just very sure this was what I wanted to do with my life. But if you’re not that sure this is for you [yet], just start the free training and find out if it is.

Best Training Platform [to start an online business] In My Opinion

Wealthy Affiliate

Yesterday I wrote a more in depth post about my experience with this training website so if you’re interested to read that first, Click Here.

About Wealthy Affiliate I can only say good things to be honest with you. I was a total Newb at everything so I truly needed someone to hold me by the hand and go over all the steps slow and easy. And that’s exactly what they offer in their training. Plus you have 24/7 support from trainers and other online business owners in WA. They’re not pushy at all and the whole community on this platform is amazing! I felt so incredibly welcome there. I truly recommend you to try it out.

When I say it’s for Free I really mean FREE

The fact they offer all their basic training, that gives you all the step by step info for FREE, just show’s how truly great these guys, Cason & Kyle, are who founded Wealthy Affiliate. Their approach is so down to earth and full of integrity. I have to say that’s really hard to find in this sea of information where every one tries to become a millionaire overnight. These guys could’ve easily asked us to pay a few hundred or thousand for their very detailed step by step training, but they didn’t. They wanted to share their knowledge with the world for free. I love that.


Thank You

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope you liked this post. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know down in the comments. I love interacting with you guys so even if you don’t have a question, you might have a suggestion or want to just say ‘hi’ please DO! If you’re curious about me, Iris G. the owner and writer of this website then Click Here. The rest of my website revolves around my Niche; Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care. I couldn’t resist also sharing my faves in the skin care realm. There are just so many great affordable products out there that I want to share with everyone! So we can all look a million bucks for just a few of ‘m;)


When you decide to purchase anything through my website I might get a small commission. This doesn’t change anything on your end, so no extra charges:) To read the full affiliate disclosure Click Here.

I think you might finally start to feel like you’ve found the right side of the internet. Where there is still kindness and you’re not being bamboozled. And a community that actually cheers you on instead of using you just to make more money. 

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today & Start Your Online Adventure!


X- Iris G.




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