What Is Salicylic Acid

Getting to know more about your skin care and what’s in it, is a really smart thing to do. It also really helped me find more affordable skin care products because I now know what to look for in skin care products. A lot of more expensive brands don’t actually have better ingredient lists. More often than not, those really expensive skin care products aren’t even that great for your skin at all. They put a lot of denatured alcohol in their products as well as tons of fragrance, which dries out your skin, making you use more of their cream or what else, resulting in you having to buy that same product more often. See what I mean.

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I used to think I needed to spend a lot of money on “good” expensive skin care, ‘only then would I be able to have the best skin’. But learning about the ingredients and which ones to look out for and which ones to avoid, has really helped me separate the bullsh*t products from the really great and affordable ones.

Ok, Good Point, But I Came Here To Learn About Salicylic Acid

You’re right, let me dive into that one right now. Salicylic Acid is a Betha Hydroxy Acid. This product from Paula’s Choice (see link below) contains 2% Salicylic Acid. What Salicylic Acid does is clear the inside walls of your pores. With longer use, this product can really clear up your complexion and eliminate the appearance of blemishes. To shop my favorite SA product Click Here: https://amzn.to/3nRL2yy


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My Favorite Product Containing Salicylic Acid.

This Products from Paula’s Choice, briefly mentioned above, Contains not only Salicylic Acid but also; green tea extract, BHA and is fragrance free. It’s a leave on product so no need to rinse or wipe it off. I often just use it on my T-zone, as this is my problem area that needs some help haha. It helps my pores stay clear of build up dirt and oils and keeps it looking even and very smooth. If you have uneven skin-tone across your face or have some blemishes here and there,


Directions & Recommendations

I’d recommend to not only use this product on the T-zone but your whole entire face. It chemically exfoliates the skin and this product does it in a very gentle but effective way. You can also get this product in a smaller version for just 10 dollars and that will last you a really long time too if you’d like to test it out first. You only need a tiny little amount of this product to lather your skin with. Just dab some on a cotton round or directly on your hands, if you don’t want to waist any of the product, and spread it evenly onto your face. Make sure not to put any other products like serums or lotions on top of it as it will cancel out the exfoliating purposes. Try waiting at least 45 minutes before putting any day/night cream on top or just leave as is. This SA + BHA solution has a lot of hydrating ingredients in it as well so when you don’t use your cream or lotion your skin isn’t left dry or itchy.


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