What Is The Average Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

The average cost of Laser Hair Removal can vary from clinic to clinic. It also makes a huge difference whether you get laser hair removal done in a clinic or take care of it yourself with an at-home laser device. And not every at-home IPL laser device is the same in price either. There are several home devices below 100 dollars and a few more between 100 and 500 dollars. The biggest difference between lower priced IPL home devices and higher priced ones, is their effectiveness. The higher priced home lasers can be very effective and resemble quite closely the results you get from in-clinic treatments. To view my top three home IPL lasers ranking from cheap to more expensive Click Here. To view a few more of the  best at-home IPL lasers in all different price ranges Click Here.

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Average Cost For In-Clinic Treatments

There are different prices for every body part plus not every laser clinic has the same prices so take these average prices as a guideline:) Getting Laser Hair Removal done in a clinic will ultimately, even with a good deal, be on the pricey side. I will also talk about at-home lasers a little further on in this article if you’re looking for a more affordable way to permanently get rid of your body hair.

Average Cost Per Body Area

(for 6 to 8 treatments – in clinic)

  1. Small Area: +/- $550 – $900
  2. Medium Area: +/- $1,200 – $1,800
  3. Large Area: +/- $2,500 – $4,000

What most clinics will mean with these areas:

  1. Small Area’s = upper lip – chin – cheeks – fingers – toes – belly button area – nipple area
  2. Medium Area’s = bikini lines – belly line – arm pits
  3. Large Area’s = full Brazilian – arms – legs – full belly – chest – full back

I always thought the bikini area or Brazilian would just be a small or maybe medium area, but they fall under medium and large so don’t get all excited when you see the prices of the small area’s like I did, you’ll be disappointed when you find out the actual prices haha. Anyhow, like I said in tip number 1; never buy directly from the clinic, always go to other websites first. You will likely find great deals for that same clinic through a third party website.

Laser Hair Removal At-Home Devices

After I had several in-clinic treatments done I was sick of paying so much money for it and I wanted to try out at-home IPL laser devices. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it basically works the same as the professional lasers they use in clinics but at-home laser devices are a lot less powerful. This is obviously also to keep every costumer who uses an at-home IPL laser safe. Even with the home laser being less powerful, you should still carefully read the instruction booklet the device comes with and handle the device accordingly. Not every home laser is the same and they come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

I tried a few at-home IPL lasers in different price ranges. They ultimately do the same but the more expensive ones were definitely a lot more effective. But non of the Home IPL lasers were as effective as the in-clinic ones. But that’s to be expected. Those in clinic lasers cost anywhere from 30 to 50 thousand dollars. The newer laser machines they use today can cost up to nearly 100 thousand dollars. So it’s not crazy that the prices of in-clinic treatments are so high.

Tip 1:

Using an At-Home IPL laser will eventually be effective in destroying your hair follicles and eliminating hair growth. It will just take a lot longer before you get your desired results. My tip is to have patience with these at home devices and buy one that’s a little more on the expensive side to get quicker results. Of course if you don’t have the money but still want to try out a home IPL laser you can find then under a hundred dollars but be prepared to be very vigilant and have a lot of patience before getting your desired results.  

Average Cost Of At-Home IPL Lasers

At home IPL lasers can range from 80 dollars to 500 dollars. I would say, having used several different ones myself, that the higher the price the more effective the device. Haha I didn’t mean for that to rhyme but there you go;).

Cost-effectiveness chart

Device’s Cost Device’s Effectiveness
Price range $60 – $100 Will take you about 1,5 year to get desired results
Prices Range $100 – $250 Will take you about a year to get desired results
Price Range $250 – $400 Will take you about 8 months to get desired Results
Price Range $400 – $600 Will take you about 6 months to get desired results

Tip 2:

Like I also advised you to do with in-clinic treatments, I advice you to read as many reviews as you can before buying any device. When  you go to amazon and scroll all the way down you can find really great reviews of people who have bought that particular device and have used it for a while. Make sure to take everything you read in those reviews with a grain of salt as a lot of people hardly read any instructions and might give horrible reviews about a device that works perfectly fine.

How Does An IPL Home Laser Actually Work?

Even though I keep saying the in-clinic laser and home laser have similar technology behind it, they are actually not quite the same at all. In the end they give similar results but the laser itself differs from each other in a few ways.

The easiest way to explain the difference between professional lasers and IPL home lasers is the sort of light that the laser shoots out. An in-clinic laser is much more targeted towards the pigment of the root of the hair, or hair follicle, like I’ve mentioned before. IPL is a more broadband light pulse. An in-clinic laser will also go deeper into your skin because of it’s wavelength. And home IPL lasers will go to the root of the hair but not as deep into the hair follicle as professional lasers do. The main deference in results would have to be that with home IPL lasers the chances of regrowth is a lot bigger than when you’ve had in-clinic laser treatments.

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Tip 3:

Avoid moles when using your own home IPL laser. I made the mistake to use my own home IPL laser over a cluster of freckles and it hurt really, really bad. So make sure to find any moles on your skin and avoid them at all costs haha.

Tip 4:

Adjust the IPL laser device to a lighter setting or level when you go to laser these body areas, as they are naturally a few shades darker than the rest of your body: your arm pits, Bikini area, also full Brazilian (really be careful around the anus as this is usually a lot darker than the rest of your body tone and you CAN burn yourself), your knees and that’s about it I think. Just make sure to adjust the levels when going over different body areas, don’t just put the device on one setting and start to laser your whole body.

Tip 5:

Wear sunglasses! Same as with the in-clinic lasers, the IPL laser can be damaging to your eyes  when you look directly at it. A lot of times the home IPL laser device will come with its own set of tinted shades but if they don’t just normal sunglasses of your own will do.


I hope my tips and little ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ chart will help you get an idea of what to expect from At-Home IPL Lasers. For more tips on Laser Hair Removal Click Here. If you have any questions left after reading this article please don’t hesitate to ask them down below in the comments:)

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  1. To be honest, I’ve never tried any hair removal product, but according to what you share and explained on your site it makes me wanna use them, the way you show the product price and effectiveness really help in choosing the right product and I’ve always wanted a good and effective hair removal product, now you’ve opened my eyes I can make the right decision, thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Ricky,

      I’m so happy you found my website so helpful:) Let me know when you try anything out I’d love to know your experience with Laser Hair Removal. I have absolutely loved my experience and not having to shave again:) 

      Thanks again Ricky for your comment:)

      Hope you have a great day!

      X- Iris G.


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