What Is The Best Home Hair Removal Device

I hate shaving and getting those prickly stubble-like hairs in return. Sometimes it feels like they’re already back after you shaved like 5 hours ago. Wouldn’t it be great to be hairless for longer or even forever? The only way to really permanently get rid of your body hair is through laser hair removal. You can also try waxing or epilators and the more you use them, the less your hair tends to grow back. But it does still grow back.

What if I told you that all the money you put in waxing, shaving and even epilators will end up costing you more than lasering away your hair.

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

One Example In Every Price Range

Of course I could give you just one example of the best laser hair removal tool. But 1, that particular item could be out of your price range. And 2, there are so many great at-home laser devices on the market these days, it’s hard to pick just one. So with that in mind, I will be showing you 6 of the best home lasers in three different price ranges, with 2 laser device examples per price range. All IPL home laser’s use the same laser technique, if you’d like to know about that Click Here.

1st = Cheap

2nd = Medium Priced

3rd = On the Pricey Side


Let’s go!

If you ever wondered what the real difference is between cheaper and more expensive IPL home laser tools; it’s the effectiveness within the amount of time it takes to see results. But with vigilant use both will give you the same end result. One just a little faster than the other.


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1st Price Range = Cheap

This is probably the cheapest one you’ll find on amazon. But don’t let the price tag fool you. This device has great reviews. Go ahead and click on the image of the laser device, it will take you to amazon. You then want to scroll all the way down to read all the reviews of people who have purchased and used this exact IPL laser device. If you’d like to view some more details on this device just click the image:)


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This was my first ever home laser I purchased. I too went on a little hunt for reviews before deciding on which one to go for. The key with less expensive IPL laser tools in persistency. It won’t be effective if you don’t keep using it for a longer period of time. Consistent use and upkeep will result in great result! maybe not as fast as with more expensive laser devices but that’s why they are more expensive. Because I did buy and use this product, you can Click Here for my personal Review. Sometimes reading a good quality review can really help you make up your mind about a product.



2nd Price Range = Medium Priced

It has so many great reviews. Normally slightly cheaper home lasers get rather mixed reviews, so I’m always on the look out for ones that have 5 star reviews. This laser is like the other ones suited to be used on any body area. Just be careful around your eyes and bikini area. A lot of costumers report that this laser has far exceeded their expectations and I think that speaks for itself. To read more reviews and further information about this laser just click on the image.

Braun is a very reliable brand so if it’s safety that concerns you the most about these home laser devices this is the one for you. Braun has great return and guarantee policies. They have another one that’s even more advanced and effective but also a little pricier. If you do want to read my review of that one Click Here. But if you’re budget is not higher than 250, I definitely recommend you try this one. You even get your money back if you don’t like the product. But from what I’ve seen in the reviews, people are very happy with their purchase and their results.


3rd Price Range = On The Pricey Side

I’ve written an extensive review on this laser and al its extra benefits, so if you’d like to read that first Click Here. This laser is pretty cool, it has 3 different laser lamps you can switch out to target 3 different aspects of the skin. One lamp is for ‘skin rejuvenation’. One lamp is for treating acne. And the last one is of course for hair removal. I think for that price you’re getting a lot of value and use out of this one product. It also comes with a 2 year warranty.



Yes a little on the pricey side but really really worth it. I’ve had in-clinic treatments as well as used home lasers. This laser is the only one of its kind that can give you the same results as you would get in a clinic. If I had known about this product sooner, I wouldn’t have payed so much money on clinic treatments. Within 7-8 weeks you already have your desired result and this device will last you a lifetime. So you’ll only have to purchase it once. Click the image to learn more about this laser and read some other reviews. Or Click Here for mine.


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