What Is The Korean Skin Care Routine

If you are not implementing Korean Skin Care products or methods into your daily routine, Whatcha Doin’ Girl?! You are missing out BIG time! It’s clean, simple and reasonably priced. Once I started to learn more about skin care, in general, I noticed one common factor. Every skin care influencer or blogger wouldn’t shut up about Korean Skin Care.

A lot of very overpriced luxury skin care brands are pretty much just a waist of your money. Those brands are NOT using any “secret” ingredients that other ‘lower priced’ brands can’t afford to use. But this is what they want you to believe. Don’t let them fool you. Those brands portray their products as a holy grail kind of product, with ingredients in them that only they have acces to. FALSE.

Don’t fall for overpriced Skin Care brands, and join me in getting up to speed on how to get the best products, with the best ingredients, for the best price!



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First Things First

Wear Your Sunscreen!

Before I reveal al my skin care secrets I want to make one thing very clear… SUNSCREEN! This is my favorite: https://amzn.to/3smhEkq. Yes you there, I’m talking to you. You can put all the amazing skin care products on your skin, but when you don’t wear your sunscreen every day, YES every day Suzan.. Then your skin will age prematurely and it will be harder to keep it looking and feeling healthy and young. So just a (maybe not so) friendly reminder to WEAR. YOUR. (Gha dahyum) SUNSCREEN. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Even when it’s cloudy and yes, even when you’re inside, unless you work in a casino or something, where there are no windows haha. But other than spaces without windows, the sun can get to your skin everywhere and any time. It will damage your skin in so many ways, you’ll end up having to spend way more on creams and treatments than when you prevent it from happening in the first place. . You can prevent a lot of it by wearing sunscreen (at least SPF 30).

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First and foremost: Skin Cancer.

But also

  1. Sunspots
  2. Hyperpigmentation
  3. Wrinkles (prematurely)
  4. Dryness on surface level (flakiness)
  5. Dull complexion (grayish under tone)
  6. Loss of moister on a deeper level (this can never be restored once it’s gone)
  7. Loss of elasticity

Glas Skin

How to get that ‘Glas-like Skin’ Effect.

If you are suffering from acne or other skin issues that require an expert to look at, please don’t see this post as an answer to your skin questions. Sorry babe, I just don’t know enough about that subject and I don’t want to give you false or bad information. For anyone with normal, sensitive, combination, oily or dry skin, my advice can really make a difference in your skin, if you follow my suggestions:)


Remember; simplicity is key when it comes to your Skin Care Routine. Your skin needs to be able to absorb the products you apply onto your skin.

Why Korean Skin Care?

I recently purchased 3 boxes full of Korean skin care products from Korean Skin Care.nl (EU). Or find the exact same products here →Korean Skin Care On Amazon (US) . I am so so in love with every single item! So I obviously wanted to share this with you!:) Maybe you don’t even want to read about what I thought of the products and you just want to go visit the website STAT! Well my fwend, do I have a little sun extra for you!:) To get 5% off use my promo CODE: 4eversilky. Just apply it at the checkout and let me know what you thought of the products:)

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What’s My Skin Type

You might be wondering, “oi, all fun and games, but how do I figure out what my skintype is, so I can buy the right products?”… Did I do it? did I read your mind? maybe not, either way you might be wondering now about your skin type. I made a really easy chart to figure out your skin type, so Hop on over Here, and come back here to read my reviews about all the Korean Skin Care products I purchased.

Now you know your skin type, you can go ahead and choose your products.

What I love most About Korean Skin Care:

  • The ingredients they use and how they combine them is truly their superpower.
  • They are known for the ability to create clean and effective skin care products, for a fair price.
  • Korean skin care is also always one step ahead of the rest of the world, when it come to skin care, I feel like.
  • They consistently make sure their products are not irritating to your skin by either not adding any fragrance, or only light natural scents in. For me personally this is a very important requirement when I’m choosing my skin care products. If the scent is too strong or too high up in the ingredient list, I won’t buy it, same goes for Den. Alcohol.
  • They really know how to combine ingredients in a way that the product isn’t irritating to the skin. Their products won’t leave you with chemical burns or other ‘product use induced’ -injuries or allergic reactions. I am not saying; no one can be allergic to any of these products, it’s just that the way they formulate their products the likelihood is very low.


Elo! This is me, Iris G. Owner and Creator of this website, Click on my armpit to get to know me a little better, if you want to of course 😉 It smells great, I promise!


Korean Skin Care, Here To Stay

  • I feel like the world is catching up on the knowledge on skin care. This is a good thing but can also work contradictory. Why, you ask? Well, once you start te learn a little more about skin care, you now know what kind of ingredients to look for. You’ll likely be drawn towards products that have a highest percentage of that ingredient. You’re thinking; ‘the higher the percentage, the better it must work and the most I’m getting out of my purchase’. you think the higher the better, right? Wrong. If  the percentage in your products is too high it can have a adverse effect/reaction, and harm your skin more than helping it.
  • What I like about Korean skincare branding is that they don’t focus on one singular ingredient and oversaturating the market with it.

 “I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ kind of gal when it comes to my skin care routine. But recently my physical and mental health has taken a hit and I felt the need to extend my routine. It has such a therapeutic influence on me. I think a lot of you can relate to that.”


Ok, Now I’m Done Raving About Korean Skin Care,

Now Let’s Dive Into The  Actual Routine!


The Korean Skin Care Routine

Behind every step I’ll put my recommended product. I have personally used & loved every single one of these products.

Don’t you worry about the prices! They are all Super Affordable, with most of them being under $20:)

The (EU) stands for; this product is only available in Europe. (US) stands for; available in America.


Get Your Pen & Paper Out Galls, Here We Go!

Step 1

Cleansing Balm (EU) or follow this link here for → Korean Skin Care (US). This Step is very important to really get off everything off your face, and not just make up. A Cleansing Balm is a really underrated step within most people’s skin care routine. So if you wear sunscreen, make up, go outside, cuddle your dog or you sweat in the gym, or on your way to work… deep breath (that was a long sentence pfew) You need to incorporate this step into your skin care routine, Like Now. You can thank me later. Much later, when your 40 and still look 28;). I love this ‘Balm from Clean It ZERO’. It comes with a little scoop/spoon thingy and it’s firm at first but then melts into your hands. Apply with dry hands onto dry skin. It literally melted off all my makeup, even my mascara. Most of these Cleansing balms are so overpriced, so me thinks you will be pleasantly surprised when you Meet this beauty.


“You need to incorporate this step into your skin care routine, Like Now. You can thank me later. Much later, when your 40 and still look 28;)”


Step 2

Water based, Peptide Gel Cleanser (EU) to remove anything that’s left on your face. I am currently obsessed with 2 different ones.  This one from amazon (US) Sadly this product is only available in the US. But I shall not lieve you disappointed! The Cleanser i the start of this step 2 is maybe slightly different in ingredients but has the exact feel and effect as the US one.  Both very lovely and I prefer my 2nd cleanser to be in a pump haha.

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Step 3

Toner (EU), And for American visitors Klick Here https://amzn.to/2W25scn (US), they’re both the exact same product. I never really used a toner in my skin care routine, until recently. Now I am completely obsessed with this Aloe BENTON BHA Toner.. I guarantee you you will love this product too! Once I’ve used it for a few more weeks I will write a review on it, so be on the look out for that one if you’re not yet convinced of this product. I always like to really use a new product for at least a month before writing any review. I want to give my real and honest opinion and experience. I’ve used it for 1 week now but I had to include this one in this post because I already love so much!

Step 4

Essence (EU), Also a product I didn’t really see the need for once I started taking better care of my skin. I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ kind of gal when it comes to my skin care routine. But recently my physical and mental health has taken a hit and I felt the need to extend my routine. It has such a therapeutic influence on me. I think a lot of you can relate to that. Now I use this one every day after my Aloe Toner and I have to say, again… Completely obsessed. no other words needed really haha,  skin care routine until recently. And as you probably already guessed, I now will never skip this step in my skin care routine. It’s a very gentle product made with Ginseng as key ingredient. And for my American readers Click Here → https://amzn.to/3yZbvNA (US) for my recommended Essence product.

Step 5

Serums (EU), This step can become an overkill, really quickly, when you go a little Serum Crazy and add to many on top of each other. Remember, simplicity is key when it comes to your Skin Care Routine. Your skin needs to be able to absorb the products you apply onto your skin. When you layer too many products on top of each other it won’t be absorbing your 4rth or 5th product. This is a waist of your money and a waist of the amazing products you’re using. So try to keep it simple. Try to keep your routine simple with not too many of the same category of products. Pick out a serum that targets your skin’s needs, like; reducing oiliness or clearing up acne scars. I have combination skin and I really love this Serum (EU). It make’s my skin glow like I’m build out of glass haha. This product has niacinamide and propolis in it, 2 of my favorite ingredients and very gentle to the skin.

Hi, me again, Iris G. I was thinking, maybe you want to know how to become your own boss too, by creating a business from home, like I did with this website. You’ll be able to earn a living from anywhere, anytime. I love it and will never do anything else again. Want to know more? Klick on my nose.. It shouldn’t be hard to find :’) haha… Ouch, I think I just hurt my own feelings?

Step 6

Moisturizer (NL) This Moisturizer is similar to the US CeraVe one, and if you google around a bit, you can find that CeraVe one too. But if you can’t find it or prefer an even lighter alternative; this moisturizer is very similar and I might even prefer it over the CeraVe one. Like I said it’s even lighter in texture and absorbs seamlessly into the skin, leaving it velvety soft within seconds. I would really recommend this moisturizer to people who have combination to oily skin. The CeraVe moisturizer also absorbs really well into the skin and isn’t too heavy on the skin but moisturizes you skin very thoroughly. I love using this cream after using my serum(s) → Moisturizer(US). I really love the simplicity of this moisturizer. Knowing it hasn’t got too many ingredients, I am certain it won’t interfere with any of the ingredients in the serums and other topicals I used before I out my moisturizer on.

Step 7

Sunscreen (EU). Luckily for this step I found the exact same product for you US & EU readers:). It’s the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++, 50ml. Sunscreen (US) I would only use this step in your morning routine. I really love the texture and nourishing feeling this SPF cream leaves your skin with. So I guess if you want, you could also use it at night:). And then the most important question when it comes to SPF; does it leave a white cast? NOPE, It has a light but moisturizing consistency/feel and sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a soft glow (not a greasy look at all, just a nice healthy glow;).


B.T.W. Let me know if you’d like to see me unbox all the skin care products and Review them on camera, or if you prefer it in this blog style more? let me know:)


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  1. Hey there, thank you so much for your wonderful post on skincare. I was looking for some stuff for my wife and I am so happy that I landed on your page. The best thing that I discovered on your page is about Koren skincare! I never knew the secret of Korean skincare. I am so glad that I found this post. I am going to check your recommendations and you are absolutely right about one thing, just because the luxury products are over-priced does not mean that they are any better. 

    • Hey that is great! Thank you so much for checking out my post. I love Skin Care so much and the more I got into it and learned more about ingredients I found out that You definitely don’t have to spend a lot to get really great products to improve your skin, but you just need to know where to look;) 

      Thanks again Augustine! 

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