What To Expect After Laser Hair Removal On Face

Let me start off by saying; LHR is the best thing I’ve ever done! And I know that sounds a little dramatic. But girl!… You don’t want to know how much I hated having to shave and getting those shaving burns and ingrown hairs. Especially in my bikini area. It was a literal nightmare. It would hurt and itch so much right after shaving, the day after; couldn’t even wear tight jeans. Several days after; still an unhappy kitty. Then it would start to itch again when it would grow too long. And so the torturous cycle continued. Laser Hair removal on the face might me slightly different as they usually use lower settings than with other body parts.



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My Experience After My Laser Appointment

The laser treatment might hurt a little during the actual treatment but right after your skin will be less painful than when you shave. At least, that was the case for me; everyone has their own experience of course and not everyone has the same reaction to shaving and/or laser treatments. For me the sensation after my treatment was always very mild discomfort for a very short amount of time. My skin would look slightly red-ish and feel a little tender and warm. I would always bring an instant cool pack (https://amzn.to/2WH3HlO) to extract most of the heat out of my skin, improving the healing process. I would also lather my skin with Aloe gel (https://amzn.to/3mXZhBI) And that would also help a lot with the healing of the skin and getting rid of the ‘hot’ feeling in the skin. Want to know exactly what to bring and purchase for you after care Click Here for your ‘After Laser Must-Haves’.

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After Care for In-Clinic Laser Treatment

So depending on your Clinic they may or may not provide you with a Cool Pack for after your laser appointment. I made a list of all the items you need before starting your treatment. This is most relevant for in-clinic treatments because the lasers they use in there are a little more powerful than the once you use at home. Have a Look Here:) If you want to stay on this page, then let me try to sum up all the essentials for you right here.


  1. Loose fitting clothing (don’t forget comfy underwear too)
  2. Cool Pack
  3. Aloe cooling gel
  4. fragrance free body lotion to nourish your skin
  5. Let the hairs just fall out, don’t pluck them!
  6. Don’t wax in between laser sessions. Just shave.


After Care For At-home Laser Treatments

There isn’t too much aftercare with at-home laser sessions. Your skin isn’t as impacted than with in-clinic treatments. Unless you burn yourself, you just need a nice and nourishing moisturizer after the treatment and you’re good. When you made a little error of judgement and put the device on a level too high and burned yourself; you might want to get some cooling Aloe gel to sooth the skin. And keep it moisturized afterwards. And if it does look a little red and angry, maybe go get an ice pack and cool your skin for a bit. Don’t put the ice pack directly against the skin, definitely wrap a towel around it before holding it against the area. Just have a look at the after laser must haves here, you’ll find all the good stuff.

Did I help?

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